2017-08-01 - Brussels, Belgium - King Baudouin Stadium

On Tuesday 1 August a U2 performance in Brussels, Belgium - King Baudouin Stadium is scheduled to take place, share your participation on this page with us:

Support act: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

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show attendees: 99

United Kingdom
39 users from Netherlands:
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  1. By bonovox_04       Send message
    3 tickets to trade (Paper ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    Hi I have two ga pitch 1 standing for Dublin Saturday gig looking to swap for ga tickets for Rome or Barcelona or potential I would swap for pitch standing if another London gig is announced! The Saturday July 8th doesn't suit as I am going to Coldplay in Croker! Tickets are the collector addition!

  2. By henk63       Send message
    1 ticket for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: TRIBUNE 4,BLOC C,RIJ 19,S
    Price: EURO 181

  3. By henk63       Send message
    1 ticket for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: TRIBUNE 4,BLOC C, RIJ 41,
    Price: EURO 181

  4. By hawgee       Send message
    2 tickets for sale (E-ticket)
    Seating ticket: Level 2, Block H, Row 18
    Price: €300,00

    These tickets were for my parents, but due to health issues they cannot come (I will be at the concert though, so we can meet there if you want).
    Face value is 362,00, but I rather sell them cheaper then that the seats stay empty (I don't know if that's allowed here?).

  5. By Nesq       Send message
    3 tickets for sale (E-ticket)
    General Admission (standing ticket)

    Ik heb nog 3 tickets over voor het concert op 1 augustus in Koning Bouwdewijnstadion te Brussel. mail: nesq@live.be .


    I have 3 tickets for the concert on 1 august in Brussels. mail: nesq@live.be .