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1987-04-29 - Rosemont
"A bootleg I suggest you download, list.."
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A student and freelance journalist try to work his way into the onerous world of music journalism. I've been a U2 fan since I was five. Not a lot of people believe that you can love a band at such a young age but that is actually true. I have all U2 albums on CD and vinyl and a few on cassette. I'm also a huge fan of Pearl Jam. I listen to a lot of music, probably about 25 albums a week depending on my schedule. I have a large collection of CDs (400+) and vinyls (100+) in my room and I am constantly purchasing. When I'm not writing on my blog ( or listening to music or socialising with friends in and about the horrid nature of Edinburgh's nightlife, I work in Tesco as a Tech Support Advisor while obviously attending uni to learn about things I already know about. I'm just waiting to be taught how to hack a phone – News of the World style. And if you never read all that, I can plug my blog again!
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