1. If you look at the Phil Janou Rattle and Hum out take footage there is a recording of Bono & Edge on a beach recording demos. It was originally drafted there during these sessions. I do have a full cassette and eventual CD of this beach session complete with date. I shall have to locate that tape in the old pre CD archive for more details.
  2. Acrobat to my knowledge was played in a live context at the Hershey rehearsals ready for the next leg of the tour. They are available on CD as a silver pressed edition.

  3. Take a look at this link to the session in question...
    You will hear She's Gonna Blow Your House Down in original form before the crossover to the Achtung Baby sessions etc...

  4. Long Island Beach Rehearsal Sessions
    19th October 1987
    Interesting for lyrics that made it to final cuts on the Songs Of Innocence album.
  5. Yes! These were originally pressed as a set of vinyl albums before they made it to the Salome triple edition disc set. These feature pretty much all of the sessions that were leaked out.
  6. someone have a link to the Zoo TV Acrobat rehearsal? i cant find it on the site. thanks
  7. Weird thread to request that.
    Anyway, the Hershey rehearsals from ZooTV are here. Look for BigGirl's reupload in the same page.
  8. no its not. it was being talked about in here and i havent seen it mentioned anywhere else is why i asked.
  9. There's a search bar we can use.. it's always a good place to start