1. Not the best, but a nice save by Bono.
    Starts out as a total train wreck (Edge problems) and Bono does a nice ad lib
    to kind of save it.
  2. Here it is
    U2-2001-05-13 - Walk On - False Start
  3. Walk On is the perfect example of a very good song ruined by excessive/wrong stage props and choreography. When whatever surrounds the song becomes more important to the band than the song itself, the song has failed.
  4. I'm trying to find an interview where Adam disses Walk On for being musically subpar. Does it ring a bell with anyone?
  5. Single version is way better
  6. The intro from the single version + album version would be the best version
  7. It doesn't ring a bell. But if its true that he said this, Adam is right. A much overated song.