1. Originally posted by deanallison:One thing I do like about the slane version compared to the Boston dvd is the little picked notes in the chorus rather than just chords being played. Not quite sure when they started doing that but from the 1st leg shows I’ve got the recordings of I don’t think they played it with the picked notes.
    I just remembered having read about that somewhere. Edge either played the melodic "picky notes" live and have the rhythm guitar dialed up, or the other way around.. Or was that Dallas in underworld?
  2. The version with "Peace on Earth" in the intro.

  3. This.

    I was there at Slane. Elevation tour versions was sooo much better than other tours.
    Probably the song i want to be played on my funeral.
  4. One of the most boring u2 live songs.
  5. Studio version in hold dearly in my heart (ok and only elevation tour versions then, Or as a snippet in One)
  6. Elevation tour, 360, album version, vertigo tour in that order for me. Vertigo tour very good the rest great just to different extents.
  7. I love the “You’ll Never Walk Alone” snip
  8. Those 360 performances are just noise.
  9. 360 version is meh