1. *Bump

    Lemon (Perfecto Remix) is my all time favourite. It's probably the only remix I prefer to the original. 8 minutes of bliss. Does anyone know who provided the female vocals for this?

    Next are:

    Mofo (Phunk Phorce Remix) also enjoy this better than original
    Even Better Than the Real Thing (Perfecto Remix)
    Beautiful Day (Quincey and Sonance Remix)
    Lady with the Spinning Head (Extended Remix)
    Stay (Underdog Remix) ......so beautiful and sombre.

  2. Mofo (Phunk Phorce Mix) is the best remix ever . Also Electrical storm (William Orbit mix ) one of my all time favourite . And also Lemon (perfecto Mix) one of my favourite
  3. Elevations - Influx Remix (the one they walked on stage to during the Elevation Tour)
    Vertigo - Redanka
    The Fly - Lounge
  4. if its not too much to ask, may i request the following?

    stay (underdog mix)
    staring at the sun (brothers in rhythm ambient mix)
    electrical storm (captainemo's remix)
    elevation (bifco mix)
    vertigo (born to vertigo mix)

  5. of course Lemon (Perfecto Mix) is awesome, but another unknown one which I really enjoy is Dirty Day (Bitter Kiss) (It's on the Please single)
  6. I like these:

    Lady With The Spinning Head (Extended Dance Mix)
    New Year's Day (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

    but my favourite is Mothers of the Disapeared (Crayon Mix). I'm not sure if i prefer this or the original.

    the remix i hate the most is probably The Wanderer (E-59 Mix). Thank god they didn't use that one on Zooropa!

  7. New York (Nasty Mix)-Electrical storm single
    best remix of them all
  8. Numb ( New Mix feautured on the Best of 1990-2000) - with Edges " kickin' up " guitar part mixed to the original version = absolutely brilliant !
    And William Orbit's mix of Electrical Storm for sure, I don't enjoy the guitar version ...
  9. Gone (Mike Hedges Remix)

    Just absolutely awesome, definitely betta than the real thing
  10. Originally posted by stj0691Gone (Mike Hedges Remix)

    Just absolutely awesome, definitely betta than the real thing

    Agree there!
    But the best song ever IMO is also a remix; Yep, the William Orbit mix of Electrical Storm
  11. Originally posted by rmann83I can send them to you if you post your email. The SYCMIOYO mp3 I have isn't the greatest quality but it can be found on the bonus dvd with the HTDAAB or on youtube.

    Remy could you send me or post the Vertigo (Born to Vertigo mix) please?


    Do you mind sending them to me too?
  12. I'm very sad to inform you all that I have never heard of most of these . I only have heard the basics, like the "New Mixes", "William Orbit", "Hexidecimal", "Jeep", "Perfecto", "Extended", & "Big Yam". Some of those other names are very different.