1. UPDATE MARCH 18, 2019:

    1985-03-27 - Montreal, Quebec - The Forum

    Two distinct sources: one very nice soundboard, and one pretty good audience recording.
    Yet, six different entries

    The story of the audience source is seems quite simple: there is just one recorded with a SONY Walkman with "handheld mic" by an unknown taper taper JT.
    According to @_Bishop_ the master is on a TDK SA 90 (see http://u2torrents.com/t?id=9318). It circulates as a "3rd or 4th" generation transfer done by @dana (on a SONY WM-D3), and either as the master, or as a somewhat lower generation transfer.^ This (yet unidentified by me) transfer was done with a Sony 909ES Integrated Amp and a Nakamichi CR-1A Tape deck. It runs quite consistently with only a little "wobble". The Dana transfer has much more wobble and also a bit more hiss (samples on the show page / audio tab).

    The soundboard misses the first three tracks (+ the "4th Of July" PA intro) and, if I understand correctly, surfaced first on the Disco Bol Records bootleg "Cinema Screen" dated 1999. It is a bit odd however that this title didn't appear in the classic For Love Or Money (FLOM) bootleg guide by Sascha Kremer that was updated last in October 1999. But perhaps it was a X-mas release...?

    Still, some years later (not sure when exactly, but definitely no later than 2008 2006)^^, @Bonoman66 shared a transfer of a tape with exactly the same soundboard source. And although it was claimed to sound better than the "Cinema Screen" bootleg, I don't hear much difference and, funny enough, all track timings are identical. So it is a bit of a mystery what exactly the story is. It could be that @Bonoman66 used the same track index, but it could also be that all circulating copies of "Cinema Screen" are falsely dated to 1999 (including the one shared by @King_Ganesha on dime Oct 14, 2018). In any case, the soundboard source is one and the same...and it is really good (which is the most important part!).

    The soundboard was also bootlegged by Godfatherrecords on "Burning Down Love" (G.R. 161/162) together with the soundboard from 1987-06-12 Wembley Stadium - the soundboard that we also have @Bonoman66 to thank for...!

    And then there is also the @noiseless remaster of the soundboard. I don't like it very much because it has a very loud hum:

    Anyway, still some mysteries as to the sources of this show...

    If you have additional information regarding the recordings of this show, please send me a pm

    ^NOTE: At this point I can not determine if the audience recording (Sony Walkman - Taper JT) is a transfer from the master. My best guess (based on noise and hiss) is that it is a transfer from a low gen (either 1st or 2nd).

    ^^NOTE: @ademotte noted on dime (2012): "Very nice soundboard originally posted to U2torrents and DIME in April 2006 […]"
    Source: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=431742
  2. The confusion about the Japan '83 shows.

    The confusion about the Japan '83 shows started long ago when some trader misread "November 23" as "November 28."
    This mistake, then, was copied over and over again and resulting finally in doubting the original info that was noted down from reports at the time.

    Luckily we still have the original Japan 83 tour itinerary (in Japanese, but translations can easily be verified):

    and a scan from a vintage traders list, displaying indeed the November 28 date:

    But, as the Japan 83 tour itinerary shows, on November 28 there was no concert held (as also Pimm Jal De La Parra's U2 Live: A Concert Documentary notes). This added to the fact that a copy of the November 23 tape exactly matches the setlist that was reported from Nagoya (November 23). And, indeed, no show for the 23rd is listed on the vintage trading list.

    A simple misreading of a "3" as an "8" would explain the whole confusion.

    But what do we know about the Tokyo November 29 and November 30 show? For a fact there is only one recording that could be either one of these dates. This recording starts with "Gloria". The common assumption is that this recording is from the 30th, as Bono says "This is the last show in your country, Japan" (after A Day Without Me). However, the famous U2 live chronicler Pimm Jal de la Parra died in 2002 has in fact the "Gloria" setlist dated as November 29 (at the Kosei Nenkin Hall (東京厚生年金会館), according to Pimm Jal and, as I understand correctly, also according to the original tour itinerary).

    The November 30th show took place at the Nakano Sun Plaza (中野サンプラザ), but the vintage trading list has the November 30th show at the Dome in Seto, which is in Nagoya (名古屋市, Nagoya-shi) and Nagoya was on the 23rd.

    What makes it all the more confusing is that someone back in the day made artwork for the "Tokyo 3rd Night", incorrectly dated as the 28th as we now know. And we also know that this is the recording from the 23rd in Nagoya (with Midnight Hour snippet in Surrender).

    But as the artwork said Tokyo 3rd night, at some point it was dated as the 29th (which is correct according to the itinerary: 3rd show in Tokyo = 11/29).

    So that is why now and again a recording appears with the November 29th date - but this is in truth the recording from Nagoya at the 23rd.