2015-10-13 - Antwerp
Tour: Innocence and Experience tour
Songs played: 27
Audio recordings: 3

  1. The Innocence + Experience tour will hit Antwerp, Belgium.

    Show & GA information
    There will be 21,000 fans present, using the full capacity of the arena.

    18.00: Doors open
    20.00: Show
    22.20: End

    GA entrance:

    Normally there is only one main entrance at the venue in Antwerp, but for those U2-shows there will be a special entrance for GA! This entrance (23) will be located on the left side of Sportpaleis between the venue and (the smaller venue) Lotto Arena.

    Special coverage from U2start
    Remy will take care of special tour coverage via our Snapchat channel (stories mode, username: U2start). We will also host a post-show chat after each show, keep an eye on our Periscope channel or add us on Periscope (U2start): http://www.periscope.tv/u2start (watch them back via http://katch.me/u2start)

    2015-10-13 Antwerp, Belgium
    2015-10-14 Antwerp, Belgium

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  2. actually, the show travel I'm looking most forward to
  3. https://www.sportpaleis.be/nl/plan-je-bezoek/zaalplan

    I am looking at this floorplan and I wonder.... which side is going to be the 'I' stage?
    I presume it will be the side which says 'podium'?.
    Just curious, because I know a friend in Belgium, who has tickets for section 103.......... behind the 'I' stage? not too good..... :N
  4. I will be there with a group of foour on the floor!
  5. Jep, that's the I stage.

    Seats behind the main stage are actually quite good. Heard nothing but good stories.
  6. Ok thanks. interesting. The only thing is that you won't see much of the screen in 103 probably...?
  7. Less then 2 weeks! excited!!
  8. Yep Antwerp should be great
  9. Too bad we only get two shows. I really hope they don't do only the well known setlist for both days, but do also a little "surprise" like in the cities with 4 shows..
  10. Setlist-wise this is gonna suck

    I'll be at both though!