1992-08-23 - Foxboro, Massachusetts - Foxboro Stadium


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songs per album

  1. Achtung Baby (9)
  2. The Joshua Tree (5)
  3. Rattle and Hum (3)
  4. The Unforgettable Fire (2)
  5. War (1)

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show attendees: 11

5 users from Massachusetts: IPOW, MichKrass, akulak, mattu2, tbornot2b
2 from Connecticut: MikeUMA, jennifer23
1 from South Carolina: Energy51
1 from New Hampshire: teambud33
1 from Maryland: fanclubber
1 from Minnesota: harrisclan

review by Ali709

11 years ago


What can you say? It's ZooTV Y'all! It doesn't get bad. The boys are great, Bono sounds wonderful, it's all great!
I haven't heard many ZooTV bootlegs, but this one surely got to me. I enjoyed every bit of it.
Let's get some detail here >>

* Great setlist! Of course, it's not the dream setlist (doesn't include stuff like I Will Follow) but if you look
at it in a realistic way, it's one of the best! You get 9 out of the 12 achtung songs, you get the good oldies
(REALLY GREAT stuff from JT and R&H, you don't see them together all the time! + NYD, Pride, and an awesome Bad!),
and you get 3 great covers (Unchained Melody,Satellite of Love and Can't Help Falling In Love).
* A great performance of One, makes you go all dreamy!
* Larry singing Dirty Old Town which is always a joy!
* We have TTTYAATW (loooong song names :S!) in the setlist, it's a nice live song.
* A Good Bad!
* A weird version of Desire, which in spite of the sound jumping from speaker to speaker (again!), it's still interesting!
* The closing of the show, (and by that I mean the last four songs) is just amazing. I'm gonna have to say that ZooTV had the best endings for shows,
UV, WOWY, LIB and the Can't Help..., all great, rather calm songs which are great to end the show ... You also get a bit of Elvis in the end, which is cool!

>> Cons:
Not many, as I said it's a good performance. Just a few things...
* In Bad, Bono starts singing right when Edge's guitar starts, I don't know if it's a mistake (as it's not usually done that way) or not but I don't like it.
But this is too much detail, the rest of it is great.
* NYD could have been better, I don't know what wrong with it, but there is something!
* The electronica like start for WOWY...not good!


>> Pros:
* The music is recorded pretty well, you can hear all the instruments quite well, specially you get a good listen of Larry's work
which makes it amazing (It's always great when you get more of the drums in a bootleg, makes it sound great!).
* You get pretty good audience reactions without it becoming extra noise!

>> Cons:
* The vocals, it seemed to me that at some points where the music gets a bit louder, specially in the first
few songs (and maybe NYD), you can't get what Bono is singing (which isn't normal for the "bit" of loudness I'm talking about). But it's not that
much and you forget about it after a couple of songs.
* It also has this problem again, the sound just keeps jumping from Left to Right and then to Left again, which can
get pretty annoying at a lot of parts. You are totally enjoying the music and suddenly the sound starts jumping around!

Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


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I totally loved the show, the show is great almost flawless, the recording could have been better, but it isn't that bad, it gets you enough of what you need.
This could give you an 'overall' idea: I'm not taking it off my iPod for now (I did take Gelsenkirchen off right away ).

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