Bono Classic Rolling Stone Portrait (1987)

Description: Bono, "Light Trails"; Dublin, 1987 U2 was in the midst of a European tour when I flew out to Dublin, the band's hometown, to photograph Bono for his first solo Rolling Stone cover, a significant moment in his career. Back in those days, there was no such thing as a "rental photo studio." The only way you could work in a studio in a foreign city was to contact a local photographer and borrow theirs. This shoot took place in a tiny attic studio in Dublin. No idea how I found it, probably through friends of friends ... of friends. Bono's voice was tired from constant touring, so to protect his voice, he spoke in mostly whispers, and, as David Breskin wrote in the corresponding article, he gave the impression of "a young man who quite honestly has not found what he's looking for." The light trails are an in-camera effect accomplished by moving a small light around his face in total darkness with the lens open for a time exposure.
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U2 era: Joshua Tree (1987-1989)
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