Name: Gerard (m)
Born: 1988-09-14 (25)
Country: Ireland
Location: Belfast
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On U2 and music in general
 Been a U2 fan since:
 Favorite music album:
 Favorite other music:
     Snow Patrol, Arcade Fire
 Favorite tour:
 Favorite U2 album:
 Favorite U2 band members:
 Favorite U2 era:
 Most valuable U2 item:
     3 Lithographs
 Shows attended:
     360 Tour - Barcelona l and ll. Croke l,ll,lll
Favorite songs
 Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
 No Line On The Horizon
 Moment Of Surrender
 Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
 Slow Dancing
 Miracle Drug
show performance audience sound overall
1992-02-29 Lakeland, Florida Read more
1993-08-08 Glasgow, Scotland Read more
1993-05-10 Rotterdam, Netherlands Read more
1987-07-10 Rotterdam, Netherlands Read more
1993-06-04 Munich, Germany Read more
2009-07-25 Dublin, Ireland Read more
2009-06-30 Barcelona, Spain Read more
2009-07-27 Dublin, Ireland Read more
2009-07-24 Dublin, Ireland Read more
2009-07-02 Barcelona, Spain Read more
2009-07-11 Paris, France Read more
2009-03-11 Somerville, Massachusetts Read more
2009-02-03 Dublin, Ireland Read more
1987-07-08 Brussels, Belgium Read more
1984-11-05 Edinburgh, Scotland Read more
1997-07-02 Foxboro, Massachusetts Read more
1987-06-12 London, England Read more
1984-11-06 Glasgow, Scotland Read more
1997-09-23 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Read more
1993-07-02 Verona, Italy Read more
2005-06-21 Glasgow, Scotland Read more
2006-11-07 Brisbane, Australia Read more
1989-10-27 Adelaide, Australia Read more
1992-06-11 Stockholm, Sweden Read more
2001-10-10 South Bend, Indiana Read more
1981-06-09 London, England Read more
1989-10-16 Melbourne, Australia Read more
1987-07-15 Madrid, Spain Read more
2001-07-21 Turin, Italy Read more
1992-08-16 Washington, District of Columbia Read more
1992-05-22 Milan, Italy Read more
1987-04-20 Los Angeles, California Read more
1997-04-28 San Diego, California Read more
1992-08-23 Foxboro, Massachusetts Read more
2005-06-12 Gelsenkirchen, Germany Read more
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  1. Claw against the Sky Claw against the Sky
  2. The Claw does Streets The Claw does Streets
  3. Bono - Sunday Bloody Sunday - Passion Bono - Sunday Bloody Sunday - Passion
  4. Edge goes walkies Edge goes walkies
  5. Band on the main stage Band on the main stage
  6. Edge goes Crazy Edge goes Crazy
  7. Inside the Claw Inside the Claw
  8. Ultra Violet Croke Park Ultra Violet Croke Park
  9. Best seats in the house Best seats in the house
  10. Band on the main stage Band on the main stage
  11. Edge nails a solo at Croke Edge nails a solo at Croke
  12. Bono takes it all in Bono takes it all in
  13. Bono on the Bridge Bono on the Bridge
  14. Mind your heads! Mind your heads!
  15. Main stage - Nice effect Main stage - Nice effect
  16. Bono and Edge say bye Bono and Edge say bye
  17. Lazers in the smoke Lazers in the smoke
  18. The Claw kicks the darkness The Claw kicks the darkness
  19. Bono and Adam at Croke Bono and Adam at Croke
  20. Bono and Adam - Croke Bono and Adam - Croke
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