Name: The Refugee (m)
Born: 1977-03-07 (37)
Country: Ireland
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Interests: Music
Forum posts: 203
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U2 fan since 1991
On U2 and music in general
 Been a U2 fan since:
 Favorite tour:
     ZOO TV
 Favorite U2 album:
     Achtung Baby
 Favorite U2 band members:
     Adam or Bono
 Favorite U2 era:
 Favorite video or DVD:
     Slane DVD or ZooTV promo recorded from my TV on old VHS!
 Most valuable U2 item:
     my old cassette tape of AB (sentimental value)
 Shows attended:
     sant Jordi, Barcelona on Edge's b'day in 2001
Favorite songs
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Shows attended
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Favorite shows
2001-08-08 Barcelona, Spain - Palau Sant Jordi
1997-08-30 Dublin, Ireland - Lansdowne Road
2001-08-25 Slane, Ireland - Slane Castle
2009-07-25 Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park
1997-08-31 Dublin, Ireland - Lansdowne Road
2005-06-27 Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park
2000-03-18 Dublin, Ireland - Smithfield Civic Plaza
2005-06-25 Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park
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