Name: Andrew (m)
Born: 1990-11-28 (23)
Country: Australia
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Occupation: Student
Interests: Music, Sport, U2!!!!!!
Forum posts: 4206
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Studying at Uni to become a Secondary School teacher
On U2 and music in general
 Been a U2 fan since:
 Favorite music album:
 Favorite other music:
     Muse, Killers, Kasabian, Coldplay, Artic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, Radiohead
 Favorite tour:
 Favorite U2 album:
 Favorite U2 band members:
     all 4
 Favorite U2 era:
     early 90's
 Favorite video or DVD:
     ZooTV Sydney
 Most valuable U2 item:
     360 Rosebowl release
 Shows attended:
     Adelaide, 16/11/2006. Melbourne 1,3/12/2011
 U2 song with favorite lyrics:
     Running to Stand Still
Favorite songs
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1985-02-05 Bologna, Italy Read more
2006-11-16 Adelaide, Australia Read more
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  1. Farewell, goodby Melbourne Farewell, goodby Melbourne
  2. Bono and the wheel mic Bono and the wheel mic
  3. With Or Without You With Or Without You
  4. Bono singing in Melbourne Bono singing in Melbourne
  5. Walk On in Melbourne Walk On in Melbourne
  6. First encore in Melbourne First encore in Melbourne
  7. Streets in Melbourne Streets in Melbourne
  8. Bono singing Ultraviolet Bono singing Ultraviolet
  9. Adam during Crazy Tonight Adam during Crazy Tonight
  10. Edge during Get On Your Boots Edge during Get On Your Boots
  11. Larry on Bongo Larry on Bongo
  12. Bono singing City Of Blinding Lights Bono singing City Of Blinding Lights
  13. Band during Vertigo Band during Vertigo
  14. Bono during Miss Sarajevo Bono during Miss Sarajevo
  15. Edge on the bridge Edge on the bridge
  16. Walking onto the field Walking onto the field
  17. Pride in Melbourne Pride in Melbourne
  18. With Or Without You in Melbourne With Or Without You in Melbourne
  19. Mirror Balls Mirror Balls
  20. Up close with Bono Up close with Bono
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