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"Port of Amsterdam"
U2 live at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam, September 8th, 2015

Edited by loftarasa
Mixed with Magix Pro X5

Audio 1 mixed by U2lemon
Audio 2 by M!les
lineage: SP-CMC-8 (collar-mount)>SP-SPSB-11 (bass roll-off @ 69Hz)>R-05
Audio 3 by Maarten909
lineage: schoeps MK4 mics>Schoeps VMS5U preamp>Marantz PMD620 mk2 recorder (recorded from GA southside)

Artwork by TheArtistformerlyknownasDesEdgesMuetze
Photos by Ron Koster

Video tapers (alphabetical order):
Akat, Asi, BasBoudewijn, dU2tch, Eastfly, Erik, Interference74, Jerome998, Justin, loftarasa, Manuela, Markus, Martijn Reemst, Matt (, Max ( Poland), Nizzle2daBizzle, Peter Klein, Ricku2, Sandra van Rhee, sea of regrets, Sjaak van der Reijden, snortier, sorty1, Stefan (, Thierry, U2_Edge, U2Reiniertje, U2boy17, Youri Nauta

01 People Have The Power
02 The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
03 Out Of Control
04 Vertigo
05 I Will Follow
06 Iris (Hold Me Close)
07 Cedarwood Road
08 Song for Someone
09 Sunday Bloody Sunday
10 Raised by Wolves
11 Until The End Of The World
12 Intermission: The Fly
13 Invisible
14 Even Better Than The Real Thing
15 Mysterious Ways
16 Elevation
17 Two Hearts Beat As One
18 Every Breaking Wave
19 October
20 Bullet The Blue Sky
21 Zooropa
22 Where The Streets Have No Name
23 Pride (In The Name Of Love)
24 With Or Without You
25 Intermission: Stephen Hawking Speech
26 City Of Blinding Lights
27 Happy Birthday
28 Beautiful Day
29 Mother And Child Reunion
30 One

Sorry it took longer than expected...

A very special set of concerts for me in Amsterdam as it were the first 4 U2 concerts my daughter attended - in my womb . Initially we planned to attend both Cologne shows and 2 concerts in Berlin and Paris each and maybe 2 in Amsterdam. Due to my delivery date we had to change plans and went for all 4 Amsterdam shows (for me), hoping our lil baby wouldn't arrive in the Ziggo Dome .
I feel so blessed and grateful to have attended those shows as every one had some special treats for me, Two Hearts at Ams1, Gloria at Ams2, The Electric Co at Ams3 and Magnificent + BAD AND 40 at Ams4!!!! Wohoo! And then of course meeting some friends - only too briefly coz we had to leave rather early after the concerts .
Anyway, editing this first show was real fun although at the beginning I wasn't really happy/optimistic this would become the mix it is now as I was lacking GA cams for many songs. Then luckily towards the end 2 almost complete cams from the catwalk appeared in tremendous quality. So after all I'm more than happy and satisfied with the outcome and even say it's one of the best multicams edited by me.

Special thanks to Sjaak van der Reijden, Erik, Interference74, and Justin who filmed so much that I had 5 sort of complete cams (80+ % of the concert being filmed by each of the mentioned) - they/we sacrificed a great part of the show/concert feeling for the sake of this multicam so to speak. Then add the always tremendous u2gigs-footage and the other tapers et voilá . However, in the end I didn't use everybody's footage coz I set priority to highest possible quality filmed as steadily as possible. Nonetheless everybody's sharing spirit is greatly appreciated of course!
Another very special thank you goes out to U2lemon who worked on the main audio...people don't know how time consuming remastering and enhancing audio is, so thank you Sir!
Last but not least another big thank you to DesEdgesMuetze who kinda gave a short comeback in terms of artwork creating I think .


The teaser I've linked to doesn't have the final audio and lacks one or two of the sources, so it's not 100% representative of what you will see.

Please don't put this on other trackers, I can and will do so myself.


PS: I cannot be connected 24/7, so patience is a virtue.


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2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Taper : ONE8UNG
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2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Taper : Massygo
Audio: ie Tour
2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Taper : Massygo
2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Taper : Massygo
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2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - DVD
2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - DVD
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2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Port Of Amsterdam - MULTICAM BluRay
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2015-09-08 - Amsterdam - Port Of Amsterdam - MULTICAM DVD9
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