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U2 Interview
Mon Aug 23rd 10

taper: Blackout - DG
Feed: TV Channel 10 Australia - 7Pm Show

Lineage: Pinnacle PcTV USB card, direct digital capture 720x576 50i widescreen PAL to mpg.

This was on tonite, a short interview on the 7Pm show with U2. Essentially its a propaganda spot for the announcing of their tour dates coming up in december (yay!). The interview is with Australias annoying shortass presenter Rove McManus and is in Helsinki on what looks like the 360 degree stage. What a clown Rove is at the start, U2 just look at him after his lap drumroll like hes a tosser. Bono looks good after his accident tho which is good.

Enjoy ppl!

Shout out and respect to da man BOYACROBAT for his monumental contribution with his magical Lovetown recordingsàyoure a legendàas well as andyshea for putting his recent stuff up.

(Please help seeding this as I get capped on my uploads with my internet connectionàthanks )

Blackout (DG).

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