Torrent: 2015-05-15 - Vancouver, U2ie Tour Live from Vancouver (Multicam by Paulo Vetri)

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Please, do not use this video for another edition or multicam!

BIG THANKS TO: Chrisedge


Thanks to all video sources!

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  1. U2_Edge

    Youtube clip overhere:

  2. Remy

    @U2_Edge: Exactly! That was the point I was trying to make. People should indeed remain free to share stuff, but it should be clear to those who download as to what it is they download (in this case: a sample clip on YouTube would very much help and perhaps be mandatory!).

  3. U2_Edge

    @Remy: Will be hard those quality guidelines, I guess every work can be shared but the creator should be clear about the quality issues, like this share which is really out of sync. If people are warned it's their own choice wether they want to download it or not I guess.

  4. Remy

    Thanks for your input here all, just stumbled upon these comments.

    @Vetri: if your DVDs have big sync issues then it would be better to pull them down here OR add that to the comments box (perhaps a YouTube sample link?). Just ask a moderator in the forums to do so. I'm sure many people here would like to help you improve this! Your efforts are of course very much appreciated, don't stop what you're working on because as you see: lots of interested fans!

    @Others: as with the audio recordings we will work on some quality guidelines and control after the first leg and have something before the second one. Your input will be valued there, thanks! It's not to make this a place where its difficult to share stuff, but it should at least be clear to everyone what things are made with/off/what it is they download etc.

  5. U2_Edge

    @one8ung: Same here, at least we have 3 things in common, lol

  6. one8ung

    @Chrisedge... I record myself (video and audio)

  7. hoserama

    Jeez Chrisedge, never even finished 9/13/09 Chicago. After you bugged me for over a year about the audio mix for it, and then it was all on your importing

  8. Chrisedge

    Funny Question?: Has one8ung ever recorded anything themselves or do they simply take things others created, and change /re-author them?

  9. Chrisedge

    I never released/finished Chicago 2 2009, so there was no "test" Olli to pass as far as keeping it. As a reminder, I have released almost every U2 I audio taped. I've also released multiple single cams (that were properly sync when audio was available) as well as Seattle 2011 that Dan and I shot with the same cameras. [sarcasm] Love getting called out, cause that just makes me want to share so much more. [/sarcasm]

  10. hoserama

    I think two audience matrix is barking up the wrong tree. But I do agree about more info. And seems strange that the latest upload is a DVD version...that isn't encoded to maximize the quality of the medium. I'd guess the sync isn't fixed.

    Difficult to sync from multiple nights. You could get away with it in isolated shots, but I certainly wouldn't use shots of bono from different nights unless clearly checked.

  11. olli66

    I assume that each song is sourced from footage from the actual show
    if you do a song that is sourced from multiple shows that is obviously tough. you have to be very careful and fine adjust each scene you chose from the "other" nights. but well, why does Paulo not shine a light on the sync issue and give more details on this video? if I download a show besides the video specs I'd like to know which audio source was used, what was done to it, if it is presented lossless etc. - I just know from Vancouver night 1 that a 2-source AUD mix would be fantastic. I got a fantastic result in no time by just trying to mix two recordings together....

  12. one8ung

    Don't worry... never said you haven't eyes.

    BTW... how to sync a multiple dates multicam?

  13. U2_Edge

    @one8ung: As mentioned, we have eyes.

  14. olli66

    I just looked at my list and I don't have Chicago 09 and Seattle 11 anymore so those two didn't pass the test
    but here's another fun fact: I might do one to four full show blu-rays but you never going to see it! ;-)

  15. hoserama

    Not true.

    Chrisedge released multicams of Chicago 2009 + Seattle 2011.

    I typically only do audio. But I can spot poor sync, as I have eyes

  16. one8ung

    Funny fact: U2_Edge + hoserama + olli66 + Chrisedge = 0,0000000000 U2 multicam

  17. olli66

    I know what you mean and that's exaclty what I was talking about. but better not talk here anymore, enough off-topic I guess.

  18. Chrisedge

    When I say transitions, it's this. (DM 2 Cam I did)

    Basic fade (quick or slow) rather than an cut. Although I do those too.

  19. superkev

    Is this a mix of both Vancouver nights???????

  20. olli66

    transitions at each camera change is something I really can't stand, sometimes it is needed, especially during slower tunes but it really kills the viewing experience for me. recently the person who does all the PJ multicam mixes (some really great ones, one where for example datfly supplied a shoot) sent me two blu-rays to watch and chime in. I really enjoyed his blu-rays apart from the fact that he used transtions all the time. after my input on that he shortened the length of the transitons on his next project but that made it actually worse IMHO. really, transitions are something to handle with much care and thought.
    Chris, I understand why you didn't give your videos to Paulo but not sharing your shoot with mekvox? C'mon! yes, mekvox thinks he is the greatest editor in the world (who doesn't think so lol) but he is not too bad actually. you could easily share your files with him. you give him yours, he gives you his, you all gain and what do you have to worry about? even if he does a mix you don't like/approve...yeah yeah I usually don't share my sources too because I know nobody mixes with so much effort and so much persitence and I won't watch the end result anyway but if I get a complete shoot in return or wouldn't do a multicam mix myself of that particular show ANYONE who asks nicely can have my footage (I shared footage with loftarasa, betterday, tailschao, a guy from Finland etc...)
    that was a little off topic now ;-)

  21. Chrisedge

    I have released a couple of multicams, but it's hard when all you will work with is original raw files and permission from the other filmers. Sync is a must, but I don't do cuts for the most part, I do transitions, even quick ones and cutting those on the drumbeats is nice, but tough and to agree with Olli, it can get boring.

    I hate to pile on, but this a text book example of why I won't share my files. Very few are really masters of editing and if I gave my footage out, and this was the result?

  22. hoserama

    Agreed regarding the sync--agreed. It has to be done manually, and a lot of care needs to be taken. For this one, maybe its due to a mix of both night sources? It's enough to be completely distracting. Agreed that Paulo should continue, but just develop your craft and skills. Maybe talk with other experienced folks and try to learn. It's unfortunate when the passion is there (which is necessary!) but the skills/quality isn't.

    Chris has released several good U2 releases and other bands. Although more and more of his stuff is kept private, just like mine

    Understood on cutting on drumbeats. It's like wireless matrices; compromises often have to be made depending on the source. However, you can still attempt to achieve the ideal, which I would say cutting primarily on drumbeat is best practice. Just my two cents.

  23. olli66

    Once there was a guy editing a Springsteen show (Padova) and he didn't notice wrong aspect ratio even when he was told. Me, I just watched a few youtube videos from Paulo and all I can say is that there are such big sync issues that I tend to believe that Paulo has no view for this. Paulo doesn't seem to notice it otherwise you can't edit that much out of sync or can you? Maybe Plural eyes or some other automatic audio/video sync software was used? Well, that cannot work, can it? Some cameras have much greater distance to the sound source than others. Syncing the videos is something you always need to do manually. Maybe try this next time Paulo? If the sources were already alligned manually well then I think it is hopeless. Sorry for the harsh words!
    But please Paulo take this as motivation and let it fuel your ambition to improve your editing. You clearly have fun doing this so keep on. Maybe some day I will watch a multicam of yours. Oh, by the way who is that Chris guy? Never watched a multicam of his. They are either kept private or they became victim of my recent sorting out of bootlegs.
    Regarding cuts at drumbeats: often not possible with audience shot footage because the camera you just selected may go wobbly or obstructed before you can change the angle or there is simply no other good shot available at the moment especially when it is all youtube footage and not comes from people who film with tripods or monopods and take this seriously. Oh, also I think cutting all the time on the drumbeats makes it boring and predictable. Just my 2 cents for which you all love me, right? ;-)

  24. hoserama

    I'm gonna chime in since I've watched a bit of it. There needs to be a bit more quality control going on. This is horribly synced, which destroys any effort to make a good multicam. The rest (hyperactive cuts + crummy angles from poor youtube sources) could be a bit more excusable due to personal taste, but bad sync negates the whole purpose of a multicam.

    Olli66 + Chrisedge + all, any tips you'd offer for alignment? I'd figure its not quite as difficult as audio time alignment, but still need to be very precise. I would personally try to align on drumbeats.

    Also personal preference for cuts to align on drumbeats...not happening hear. Just a suggestion.

  25. U2_Edge

    Watch the first 10 minutes, I appreiate your work but I'm sorry to say the audio is really out-of-sync compared to the video shots.

  26. Chrisedge

    Seems like the sync is off wildly...(watching California)

  27. U2_Edge

    A Chrisedge DVD will be fine :-)

  28. Chrisedge

    I did not. I have three sources right now for a non-youtube version but neither of the other sources recorded anything past When Love Comes To Town. And one of the sources is 720p instead of 1080p. So it might just be a DVD that I end up with.

  29. danielu2

    Thanks for the share and seed.

  30. U2_Edge

    Anyway, you are not seeding ...

  31. U2_Edge

    Why do you share as MP4 file, I could rip it from youtube in the same quality (and a lot quicker...)

  32. olli66

    thanks for the share,
    just wondering: Chrisedge shared his complete film with you?
    I just watched some of your multicam mixes on youtube, not too bad but so often totally out of sync footage and well, other things I personally don't like but well I guess I am the most picky person there is regarding multicam mixes ;-)

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