Torrent: 2015-06-28 - Chicago, Taper: ademotte, 24-bit

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United Center
Chicago, Illinois
June 28, 2015

Source: Church Audio CA-11 cards => UGLY pre-amp => Tascam DR-2D
Transfer: DR-2d => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8)
Location: Club level side stage, 5th row

Track listing:

Disc one (78:03):
(1) The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (5:15)
(2) Gloria (4:44)
(3) Vertigo (3:41)
(4) I Will Follow (5:04)
(5) Banter (2:55)
(6) Iris (Hold Me Close) (6:03)
(7) Cedarwood Road (4:42)
(8) Song For Someone (4:10)
(9) Sunday Bloody Sunday (5:26)
(10) Raised By Wolves (4:26)
(11) Until The End Of The World (5:56)
(12) Intermission (4:35)
(13) Invisible (4:24)
(14) Even Better Than The Real Thing (4:33)
(15) Mysterious Ways (4:43)
(16) Banter (1:31)
(17) Desire (3:54)
(18) Banter (1:53)

Disc two (65:36):
(1) Lucifer's Hands (3:38)
(2) Banter (2:20)
(3) Every Breaking Wave (4:35)
(4) Bullet The Blue Sky (8:44)
(5) Pride (In The Name Of Love) (5:30)
(6) Beautiful Day (4:53)
(7) All I Want Is You (5:41)
(8) With or Without You (5:12)
(9) Encore break (2:52)
(10) Taped intro (1:05)
(11) City of Blinding Lights (5:39)
(12) Banter (1:44)
(13) Mother and Child Reunion (1:18)
(14) Where The Streets Have No Name (5:35)
(15) Banter (1:29)
(16) One (5:14)

Md5 signature file is included. Sorry, no artwork (feel free to make some)

Note: This is a 24/44.1 file set, which in most cases can't be burned directly to CD without downsampling to 16-bit. A 16-bit, CD-friendly version will be posted separately. The recording is seamless; the disc breaks above are merely a suggestion.


The third of five nights in Chicago, and the best performance so far with a bunch of oddities in the set. "Gloria" makes its first appearance in the set since nearly ten years ago at the end of the "Vertigo" tour (12/14/05), the second performance of "Lucifer's Hands" (the first being in Montreal on 6/13), and only the second performance of "All I Want Is You" on the current tour (the first in L.A. 5/31). Bono was clearly inspired by the Gay Pride parade which took place in Chicago earlier in the day, and there were multiple references to the celebration of gay rights and the power of love. Inspiring show. Bono references that several band members' sons (I think Bono's, Edge's, and Larry's) were all in attendance tonight, as well as Bono's wife.

In terms of recording quality, tonight was one of those rare nights where everything came together. I was in a direct line to one of the overhead speaker stacks, and the audience members in my immediate vicinity were pretty quiet. There's some chatter during the quiet parts, but none that I could hear intruding on the music. I'm very happy with this recording.

Anyone who would like to remaster this recording and repost it is welcome to do so; in the info file, please document the original source and note what you did to the original recording. Mp3 samples are included in the comments.


  1. gerik

    Thanks for shared this oustanding show

  2. JaxBearsFan

    Awesome! Thank you for posting this. DIME locked me out of my account & won't let me create a new one, so thank you! Was at this show last night, so memorable…wanted a way to remember that great night & this will do it. Thanks!

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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: ademotte (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Church Audio CA-11 (Microphone), Tascam DR-2D (Audio recording device), Magix Audio Cleaning Lab (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: Church Audio CA-11 cards => UGLY pre-amp => Tascam DR-2D => DR-2d => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => FLAC (level 8)
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Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: ryanj (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Adobe Audition (Sound Editor), Exact Audio Copy EAC (Sound Editor), CDWave (Sound Editor), DPA4060 (Microphone), DPA MPS6030 (Power supply)
  • Lineage: DPA 4060 + DPA MPS6030 + Sony PCM-M10 (24/48) > WAV > audition 3.0 (normalize to -0.1 db, convert to 16/44, fades) > CD Wave (tracking) > xACT (FLAC)
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U2 - 2015-06-28 - United Center, Chicago, Il. [CA-11 mics - 24-bit]
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2015-06-28 - Chicago - CA-11 - Taper: ademotte 24 bit
2015-06-28 - Chicago - CA-11 - Taper: ademotte 24 bit
2015-06-28 - Chicago - CA-11 - Taper: ademotte 16 bit
2015-06-28 - Chicago - CA-11 - Taper: ademotte 16 bit
2015-06-28 - Chicago - Taper: RyanJ
2015-06-28 - Chicago - Taper: RyanJ
  • U2 - 2015-06-28 - Chicago [CA-11 24-bit].md5
  • U2 - 2015-06-28 - Chicago info [24-bit].txt
  • U2_2015-06-28_t01 The Miracle (of Joey Ramone).flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t02 Gloria.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t03 Vertigo.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t04 I Will Follow.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t05 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t06 Iris (Hold Me Close).flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t07 Cedarwood Road.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t08 Song For Someone.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t09 Sunday Bloody Sunday.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t10 Raised By Wolves.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t11 Until The End Of The World.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t12 Intermission.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t13 Invisible.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t14 Even Better Than The Real Thing.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t15 Mysterious Ways.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t16 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t17 Desire.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t18 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t19 Lucifer_s Hands.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t20 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t21 Every Breaking Wave.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t22 Bullet the Blue Sky.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t23 Pride (In The Name Of Love).flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t24 Beautiful Day.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t25 All I Want Is You.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t26 With Or Without You.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t27 Encore break.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t28 Taped intro.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t29 City of Blinding Lights.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t30 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t31 Mother and Child Reunion.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t32 Where The Streets Have No Name.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t33 Banter.flac
  • U2_2015-06-28_t34 One.flac
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