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Sportpaleis Ahoy
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
January 10, 1990

Recorded by [MvdV?]##
Remastered by BigGiRL (2015)

(25th anniversary edition)

LINEAGE: [Unknown (analogue?)## master] >
2nd gen DAT. AKA "Goodnight from Lovetown"#
> REMASTER: [WAV] speed correction* >
[Pristine Sounds] > EQ > > Generic noise
surppresion "This is OK" > Volume adjustment
> Edit^ & track split > FLAC > TLH

(frequency and spectrum analysis + checksum are included)

Track list:

01. Bullet The Blue Sky
02. Desire
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. Slow Dancing
05. All I Want Is You
06. Where The Streets Have No Name
07. I Will Follow
08. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
09. People Get Ready (feat. Daniel Baars on guitar)^^
10. Bad
11. Van Diemen's Land
12. New Year's Day
13. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
14. [encore break]
15. Angel Of Harlem
[fade out/fade in]
16. When Love Comes To Town (feat. BB King)
17. Love Rescue Me (feat. BB King)
18. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
19. Out Of Control
20. "40"

*Reference for speed correction:

Marcel Anders "MA D6 Version"
[Lineage : 1st gen tape (2xXLII90) > wt2496 > CEPRO > CDWAV >FLAC]>
[SPEED CORRECTION (1) -7/100 semitone: Track "01-All you need is Love (tape)" matches the original Beatles track] >
[SPEED CORRECTION (2) -49/100 semitone:
BTBS from "MA D6 Version" matches BTBS
from "Goodnight from Lovetown".

-intro: first 5 seconds from "MA D6 version"
to create smooth fade in.
-transition between "Bad" and "VDL" patched
from crowd noise elsewhere
-fix of AOH-WLCTT transitio (see also below)

# Original Notes (Justin Cook & Mike):

"...this bootleg was mastered from a second generation DAT.
Sound quality and clarity are phenomenal. The overall sound
is very crisp and there is very little background noise.
A quick check of the recording revealed only one very minor
blemish, a few seconds of dead air between "When Love Comes
To Town" and "Love Rescue Me"."

"Justin mentions this is a second gen DAT. I don't know exactly
what that means, but there it is. Nothing much to add, this is
the same recording used for "All I Want is U2" and the copies
of that (see FLOM). Were it not for the audience noise, which
sometimes is nonexistent but sometimes borders on intrusive,
this would be about the best audience recording ever. The sound
is just amazingly powerful and clear, like the Dublin LoveTown
shows, only this is an audience recordings. I think it's a bit
better than the other bootlegs, but not that much. Considering
the source though, it's nice to have. No flaws to speak of other
than above, and that some crowd noise (as on the bootlegs) seems
to be edited out (unless it's just a fade where the recording
stopped briefly), but no songs are missing. If you have no other
recording of this show, or really love it, not a bad item to trade

## Additional Notes from B!gGiRL (2015):
"Unlikely to me that the master has been a DAT considering the amount
of so-called "white" noise, and the simularity with the MvdV recordings
of January 6 & 9. It must be noted here that the latter was remastered
for the "Angel of Rotterdam" bootleg and the former for "Rotterdam
Lovetown" but it is my experience that the MvdV masters can easily be made
sounding just as clear as this gem of the 10th. It is sheer speculation,
then, but I would guess that this recording from the last night of the tour
was also made by MvdV.
Considering the fact that we're dealing with some copy of the master anyway,
it seemed fairy unproblematic to remove some of the (white) noise with a
generic setting from PristineSounds. (It would be another thing, in my
opinion, when the original master was concerned - Let's hope it will surface
one day!).
Another remark is that there is also some dead air between AOH and WLCTT.
Luckily it turned out only to be a bad edit, as the first bars of WLCTT
are repetitive (and thus easily fixed).

^^source: Collectormania 4 (Spring 1991), p. 24.

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"Rock 'N' Roll Lovetown"

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: BigGiRL (Remasterer)
  • Equipment: Pristine Sounds (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: [Unknown (analogue?)## master] > 2nd gen DAT. AKA "Goodnight from Lovetown"# > REMASTER: [WAV] speed correction* > [Pristine Sounds] > EQ > > Generic noise surppresion "This is OK" > Volume adjustment > Edit^ & track split > FLAC > TLH > mp3@192
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1990-01-10 - Rotterdam - Good Night From Lovetown RESEED
1990-01-10 - Rotterdam - Good Night From Lovetown RESEED
U2 - 1990-01-10 - Rotterdam (AUD-DVD)
  • 01-Bullet The Blue Sky.flac
  • 02-Desire.flac
  • 03-All Along The Watchtower.flac
  • 04-Slow Dancing.flac
  • 05-All I Want Is You.flac
  • 06-Where The Streets Have No Name.flac
  • 07-I Will Follow.flac
  • 08-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.flac
  • 09-People Get Ready.flac
  • 10-Bad.flac
  • 11-Van Diemen's Land.flac
  • 12-New Year's Day.flac
  • 13-Pride (In The Name Of Love).flac
  • 14-[encore break].flac
  • 15-Angel Of Harlem.flac
  • 16-When Love Comes To Town.flac
  • 17-Love Rescue Me.flac
  • 18-11 O'Clock Tick Tock.flac
  • 19-Out Of Control.flac
  • 20-''40''.flac
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