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U2 2009-09-20
Foxborough, MA

"Irish Boys In Massachusetts"

HD Sourced to DVD5

All Videography and editing by sherwood01

Location: inside the circle, on Edge's side, by the crossover walkway
Video: Sony HandyCam HDR-TG1
Integral : incomplete
Camera : Amateur
Nb Cam. : 1
Format : NTSC
Resolution : 720x480
Aspect Ratio : 16
Chapters : yes
Menu : yes

m2ts files > Re-encoded to mpeg2 with Sony Vegas > DVD Authoring with DVD Architect


1) Sorry it's not the whole show. It was my first time seeing the 360 tour, not to mention my first time with GA seats, not to mention the first time that close to a U2 stage before! And as such I didn't want to see the entire concert through a viewfinder. Although it must be said that a lot of times the camera had a better view than I did, so I actually shot more footage than I'd intended to!

I do have at least some footage from every song, totaling just over an hour's worth of DVD-ness. A couple of the not to be missed highlights (IMHO anyway) - the 60,000 people taking over the vocals for Bono on the first verse and chorus of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and the look on Edge's face as they do so. And Bono singing the second half of "The Unforgettable Fire" - a winning song choice no matter WHERE he was singing it - from the crossover walkway just a few people away from me. One of the reasons that THAT is the one song that I recorded in its entirety. And Edge bouncing around like a pogo stick during the Crazy Remix. And despite being exhausted after the show, while we were playing back some of the camcorder footage in the car during the traffic jam getting out of the parking lot, hearing Bono holler "Shake Your Big Fat Ass, Massachusetts!" from right before "Mysterious Ways" was a real eye opener! LOL.

2) In some cases the camera meanders a bit; with stuff going on both in front of me and behind me from being down in the inner circle, I wasn't always sure where to look, so looked everywhere. But DID make an effort to NOT require viewers to take Dramamine for the motion sickness. LOL.

3) And finally the audio. Some distortion in some of the low frequencies on some of the songs, but on the whole, not too bad. I did attempt to tweak the EQ to reduce it and rerendered the audio track again, but didn't notice a whole lot of difference, so put the old track back in again to avoid any unexpected problems with the audio that was originally okay in the other songs.

4) And inquiring minds want to know... Is it Foxboro? Or Foxborough? My shirt says Foxborough, but people who have been there before say it was Foxboro back then. I noticed the tour schedule took the easy way out and just said "Boston" LOL.

Okay, that's it. Again, sorry it's not the entire show, but I hope you enjoy what there is of it. And with any luck, a complete shoot from the first Foxborough show may still materialize from someone else in the future.


Here's a couple of links to some lower-res clips uploaded to various places: (Still haven't found) (Unforgettable Fire)

And the YouTube version of the first 2 minutes of Beautiful Day

Feel free to share this; any sellers will be tarred and feathered and/or drawn and quartered. My choice.


"Irish Boys In Massachusetts"

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Beautiful Day / Blackbird
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stand By Me / Unknown Caller
New Years Day
Stuck In A Moment
The Unforgettable Fire (complete song)
City Of Blinding Lights
I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On
Amazing Grace / Where The Streets Have No Name

Ultraviolet (Light My Way)
With Or Without You
Moment Of Surrender


  1. Kilpatrick

    I was there, thanks for posting

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2009-09-20 - Foxboro - Dana Fletcher Master ***Reseed***
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2009-09-20 - Foxboro - AT933-R09 daveydave
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