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Worcester Fire - Night One
Worcester, Massachusetts
16 April 1985

Lineage: Jeff Roy Tape (unknown generation) - CDR - EAC(Secure) - dBpoweramp(SHN)

Disc 1:
1. 4th of July (PA)/11 O'Clock Tick Tock
2. I Will Follow
3. Seconds
4. MLK
5. The Unforgettable Fire
6. Wire
7. Two Hearts Beat As On
8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
9. Cry/The Electric Co.
10.Bono Talking/Dead Air

Disc 2:
1. A Sort of Homecoming
2. Bad
3. October
4. New Year's Day
5. Pride (In the Name of Love)
6. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
7. Gloria
8. 40 (cut short)
9. Dead Air or Good Day Boston Interview (Too low to decipher)


Fulfilling a request. I got this from Jeff Roy in 1998, and he had transferred the show from Tape to CDR. First, lets start with the bad. The volume is EXTREMELY LOW! For some perspective, in my CD player, to play a concert at a normal volume I would put it at 12. To even listen to this concert at a normal level I had to put the volume at 50! I would have blown my speakers with any other show. At first listen this is a poor audience, but once the volume is boosted it is a Good Audience, with the potential to be a G/VG Audience with the proper remastering. Since I admitedly suck at remastering I have done nothing with this recording. A good performance that suffers only from a lack of volume. Too bad that 40 is cut about 1:21 in also. There is an awkward transition to A Sort of Homecoming as well. Enjoy the show at an incredibly high volume. These April shows are the best of the American leg of the UF tour in my opinion. Unless the volume is boosted, this is for people interested in filling gaps in their collections.


  1. McSwilly

    Thanks for posting this, it was my first ever U2 show!

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1985-04-16 - Worcester - UDG REQUEST
1985-04-16 - Worcester - UDG REQUEST
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