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The Late Late Show

RTE1 HD Friday Oct 24th 2014
9:35pm-10:17pm approx

The show was originally broadcast live on Friday Oct 24th 2014.
This recording is taken from a replay of that same show, which was re-broadcast on Monday 27th Oct 2014 at midnight.
All content from the replay is exactly the same as when the live show was broadcast, so nothing is missing.

Bono and Edge join The Late Late Show host, Ryan Tubridy, as part of U2's SOI Promotional Activities. They discuss the album, various tracks, talk about the inspiration behind it etc..
They also perform 2 tracks live: The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) & Every Breaking Wave.

Captured totally digitally: USB AverTV Volar Green (Digital TV Tuner) -> USB 3.0 POrt on Asus G750JX -> Samsung Evo 840 Pro (512MB) -> U2T

Fizesize: 1.92GB

Runtime: 42 Mins 2 Secs

Filetype: MP4

Video: 1440 X 1080, H264 MPEG4 AVC1, 50fps, 6445 kbps

Audio: MPEG AAC, Stereo, 48KHz, 128kb/s

This should play back/be viewed in 16 Aspect Ratio

Sorry again to the great U2T Community for the delay in getting this shared. Thanks all for your patience with me. Hope you enjoy.

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Bit rate: 128, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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2014-10-24 The Late Late Show RTE ONE HD
2014-10-24 The Late Late Show RTE ONE HD
2014-10-24 - Dublin - The Late Late Show - RTE1 - HD
2014-10-24 - Dublin - The Late Late Show - RTE1 - HD
2014-10-24 - U2 unplugged talk - Oberhauen, Germany
2014-10-24 - U2 unplugged talk - Oberhauen, Germany
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