Torrent: 1998-02-11 - Santiago, El Pueblo Vencera

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2 x DVD5, two folders.

I want to thanx Asterix9500 for giving me the chilean TVN master versin, & Zbych for authorising me to share the rare but simply perfect Betacam master version !!

Many versions of this dvd are circulating:

* the most current is the "Justin " version, coming from a 2nd generation vhs, with a not very good image but a great great sound quality ("virtually flawless", like Justin said, and he is right !!!) ! The broadcast is almost complete, only missing the end of "WTSHNN"(recently shared here I believe)

* a 1st generation (said master but I believe it's at best 1st gen) coming on 1 dvd, better image than Justin version, but still not perfect, brighntess & contrast are not optimal. The broadcast is complete

* a betacam master version (Betacam Master Tapes > DVD
 ) , coming on 2 dvd, with a very good sound and ... an absolutely perfect image quality ! this one is the best dvd bootleg I've ever seen but its problem is : it's really not complete ! "Please" is missing (even if a bad version from 1st gen (master ?? so a bad master .. ) is added, it's not a really good version) , and Introduction, end of WTSHHN, intermission between wowy & "Hold me thrill me" , and outroduction are missing too .... that's why I've worked on it  

* and an other 2 dvd version, coming from master Chilean TVN channel :
video : master recorded with betamax sony
audio : master recorded with minidisc JVC
are the original from TVN ( tvn = television nacional de chile)
edited and mixed by Rodrigo Masferrer and Oliver Serrano ;
not as good as the betacam master version , but it's the best COMPLETE version circulating, no one of the other is as long as this one !

That's why I've decided to work on this to make an ideal DVD with all these versions, to make 1 optimal version (until we have a Betacam master COMPLETE version to be released LOL)

Most of the video is coming from the betacam master version, except Introduction / Please / End of "Where the streets have no name" & beggining of Lemon / Intermission wowy-Hold me / end (the last seconds) which are coming from the Chilean TVN master. The difference is clear, so you'll see when the version changes, but I hope you won't be too denied ...

For the sound stream, i've used the one coming from 2nd gen vhs from Justin ( because after comparating them all, it's still the best one ) , except for the end of "WTSHHN" because it was not broadcasted on the Justin version, so I've added the sound of the chilean TVN master (we can hear a change of sound, but it's not really a problem). It's an ac3 source, don't be angry, it's the best you've ever heard ;-)

EL PUEBLO VENCERA Santiago 11-02-98 DVD 1

This is a mix of several versions, please check the infofile

NTSC 720*480
AC3 384 kbps
videos sources : betacam master & chilean TVN master
audio source : TVN broadcast from 2nd gen vhs
mix by achtungpop

01 mission impossible
02 Pop muzik
03 Mofo
04 I will follow
05 Gone
06 Even better than the real thing
07 Last night on earth
08 until the end of the world
09 New year's day
10 Pride
11 I still haven't found ...
12 Bad
13 Staring at sun
14 Sunday bloody sunday
15 Bullet the blue sky

EL PUEBLO VENCERA Santiago 11-02-98 DVD 2

This is a mix of several versions, please check the infofile

NTSC 704*480 bitrate : 7812 kbps (like on the orignal files, I've not compressed anything ...)
AC3 384 kbps
videos sources : betacam master & chilean TVN master
audio source : TVN broadcast from 2nd gen vhs
mix by achtungpop

01 Please
02 Where the streets have no name
03 Lemon perfecto mix
04 Discothèque
05 If you wear that velvet dress
06 With or without you
07 Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
08 Mysterious ways
09 One
10 Mothers of the disappeared


  1. LSMelo


    I tried to download but there's no seeders. Can anyone seed it a while? Or even send me the 2 DVDs (I'll pay the p&p). I have the "1 DVD version" and would like to have this one.

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Analogue Cable Television Broadcast

  • Origins: Analogue Cable Television Broadcast
  • Credits: Fradoca (Remasterer)
  • Equipment: Exact Audio Copy EAC (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: Tv Broadcast > Dat master > cdr > Eac > Fradoca Remaster>Flac(6) - mp3
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1998-02-11 Santiago DVD proshot ultimate
1998-02-11 Santiago DVD proshot ultimate
U2 - 1998-02-11 - Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile - FLAC
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