torrent: 1997-12-12 - Seattle, JEMS Audience Master + IEM Matrix

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Seattle, WA
December 12, 1997
JEMS Audience Master + IEM Matrix (circa 2001)

Source One: JEMS audie Nakamichi 700s > Sony TCD-D7 DAT
Source Two: Edge IEM feed via scanner > DAT

JEMS master DAT + IEM DAT clone > Wavelab > CD-R > xACT extraction > .wav > FLAC

Disc One
01 Mofo
02 I Will Follow
03 Gone
04 Even Better Than The Real Thing
05 Last Night On Earth
06 Until The End Of The World
07 New Year's Day
08 Pride
09 I Still Haven't Found
10 Stand By Me
11 All I Want Is You
12 Staring At The Sun
13 Sunday Bloody Sunday
14 Bullet the Blue Sky

Disc Two
01 Please
02 Where the Streets Have No Name
03 Lemon (Perfecto Mix) Interlude
04 Discotheque
05 If You Wear That Velvet Dress
06 With or Without You
07 Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
08 Mysterious Ways
09 One
10 Wake Up Dead Man (audience only)
11 40 (audience only)

Many years ago now, JEMS set about to create this matrix after we received a DAT clone of the IEM with which to mix our audience master tape. JEMS NW facility prides itself on making the most of IEM sources (when we actually get to 'em that is), painstakingly cleaning up dropouts and noises. On the other side of the matrix, the now-deceased Kingdome was a concrete monstrosity with notoriously brutal acoustics, but JEMS' audie of the night isn't half bad.

It has been long enough since this matrix was made that I couldn't tell you for certain the IEM source is the same as what was just posted here, but I would be very surprised if it wasn't. At the time we received it the last two songs were missing. I think that has since been corrected but we're too many years down the road to go back and fix it. JEMS audience master, to the best of my knowledge, has not widely circulated if at all, though again, for all I know the audience source still on the tracker is ours. But I do believe this matrix has never circulated and it certainly hasn't been torrented.

Our later matrixes of IEM and audies are better than this (this was surely a scanner recording vs. a true IEM receiver), but I think it is still very appealing. I had a thought to giving it a remaster but after playing around a bit, I decided to leave it as J had originally mastered it since I wasn't sure I was helping. Samples, of course, provided. Curious to see what folks think of this.

Butterking for JEMS


  1. Remy

    3 people are seeding it right now, so just leave your computer on
    It is also on our show pages should you want to download without torrent.

  2. maestrojeff

    could someone seed this file? I was at this show and would love to hear it.

  3. Slippers

    Grazie! I was at this show and have always wanted a good recording of it.

  4. machicouli

    Merci beaucoup !

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"IEM-AUD Matrix"

  • Origins: Audience microphone, IEM
  • Credits: JEMS (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Sony TCD D7 (Audio recording device), Wavelab (Sound Editor), Nakamichi CM-700 (Microphone)
  • Lineage: *Source One: JEMS audie Nakamichi 700s > Sony TCD-D7 DAT *Source Two: Edge IEM feed via scanner > DAT JEMS master DAT + IEM DAT clone > Wavelab > CD-R > xACT extraction > .wav > FLAC > MP3
  • Downloads: 1428
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Audio / MP3

Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audio samples

"Popmart In Seattle"

  • Origins: IEM
  • Lineage: Edge IEM feed via scanner > DAT > ? > MP3 (192 kbps).
  • Downloads: 376
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Audio / MP3

Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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1997-12-12 - Seattle - JEMS Matrix reseed
1997-12-12 - Seattle - JEMS Matrix reseed
1997-12-12 - Seattle - IEM
1997-12-12 - Seattle - IEM
  • Disc One
    • 01 Track 01.flac
    • 02 Track 02.flac
    • 03 Track 03.flac
    • 04 Track 04.flac
    • 05 Track 05.flac
    • 06 Track 06.flac
    • 07 Track 07.flac
    • 08 Track 08.flac
    • 09 Track 09.flac
    • 10 Track 10.flac
    • 11 Track 11.flac
    • 12 Track 12.flac
    • 13 Track 13.flac
    • 14 Track 14.flac
  • Disc Two
    • 01 Audio Track.flac
    • 02 Audio Track.flac
    • 03 Audio Track.flac
    • 04 Audio Track.flac
    • 05 Audio Track.flac
    • 06 Audio Track.flac
    • 07 Audio Track.flac
    • 08 Audio Track.flac
    • 09 Audio Track.flac
    • 10 Audio Track.flac
    • 11 Audio Track.flac
  • u2_sea_97_matrix.txt
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