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This is a bootleg which was entitled "Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution!" -- an audience recording of U2's concert at Autzen Stadium, Eugene, Oregon on 6 May, 1997, during the first leg of the U.S. Popmart tour. As far as I'm able to ascertain, this concert has not been uploaded to DIME previously; however, my apologies if I have inadvertently duplicated someone else's torrent.

This show is notable for the fact that it was performed in the smallest venue U2 would play during the Popmart tour (ostensibly resulting in a more intimate performance). Also, "Do You Feel Love" is included, which (to the best of my knowledge) U2 only played in the first few concerts of the Popmart Tour; they consequently dropped it from the set list, presumably because they were unsatisfied with the live arrangement of the tune. (A pity, because this is one of my favorite U2 songs.)

I bought this bootleg from a record store in Greenwich Village, New York City, during the summer of 1997; consequently, I know nothing about the lineage of this recording (the liner notes make no reference to who recorded it or how they did so). The CDs and packaging are "made at home" quality: The discs look to have been burned on a computer, and the disc labels, liner notes, etc. look to have been output on an inkjet printer. I would rate the sound quality as above-average for an audience recording: It's nowhere near soundboard or ALD quality, but it's fine for what it is.

I converted the CDs to FLAC format using x Audio Compression Toolkit (xACT) v1.4b24 on a Macintosh Powerbook (model 1025A, aka "Titanium Powerbook") running Mac OS X 10.4.9.

Here's the set list:

1. Mofo
2. I Will Follow
3. Even Better Than the Real Thing
4. Do You Feel Loved
5. Pride
6. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
7. Gone
8. Last Night on Earth
9. Until the End of the World
10. If God Will Send His Angels
11. Staring at the Sun
12. Daydream Believer (the Edge singing karaoke!)
13. Miami/Bullet the Blue Sky

14. Please
15. Where the Streets Have No Name
16. Discotheque
17. With or Without You
18. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
19. Mysterious Ways
20. One

I hope my fellow U2 fans out there will enjoy the recording. Your comments would be greatly appreciated!


- - - - - -

The front cover of the CD reprints a news item which ran in "The Auger" (a local newspaper, I presume):


Eugene police received nearly 150 formal complaints about the concert noise.

One woman, who lives five miles from the stadium, said "it was as if someone was standing at my front door and pounding away on it."

The tour promoter doubts U2 will be fazed at the prospect of being prosecuted for violating the noise ordinance.

- - - - - -

Here are the liner notes from inside the CD cover:

U2's Popmart tour rolled into the heart of Oregon, the Willamette Valley, where Eugene had been abuzz for quite some time about the appearance of this much-hyped extravaganza.

What made this concert unique for the band was that this was by far the smallest venue they'd be playing on this tour (30,000 capacity) and more potential for intimate interaction with their fans; as intimate as this tour's multimedia onslaught could allow. For Eugene, the most famous outside venue performers had been Bob Dylan and The Grateful Dead. And if one puts U2 into the perspective that Rattle & Hum seemed to be driving at -- the band as heirs to rock's throne -- then this concert did seem to make sense. Otherwise, on a monetary level, the band and promoters could not have figured to pull anywhere the amount of cash the larger cities would have brought them.

The show itself was not even a sell out by the time Rage Against the Machine took the stage to a semi-interested crowd, but the story of the evening would not just be the magical way U2 seemed to connect with the audience. Under cloudy, and occasionally rainy, skies Bono refers to Eugene as "a lot like Dublin ... warm people, rocking town, shit weather." But the real story was going on outside where all of Eugene seemed to hear the show quite loud and clear, thank you.

Autzen Stadium is an open roofed venue in the valley, where even slight winds seem capable of carrying sound far beyond the ears of the paying crowd. Inside, the sound was wonderful, very well mixed and not really all that loud by major rock show standards. But the main loudspeakers were positioned above the stage, and so U2's reach went beyond 30,000, extending into the quiet community of 140,000.

Naturally, the news media were all over this story the next day with talk of noise ordinances and fines, but soon that sound faded away as well, along with the fading memories of those who saw U2 in a place they never imagined they would see a band of that stature play.

Thankfully, we have this CD to remind us of the day when rock and roll stood and pounded at our front door, and we had no choice but to let it in.

-- (Author unknown)


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  • 07 Gone.flac
  • 08 Last Night On Earth.flac
  • 09 Until The End Of The World.flac
  • 10 If God Will Send His Angels.flac
  • 11 Staring At The Sun.flac
  • 12 Daydream Believer.flac
  • 13 Miami_Bullet The Blue Sky.flac
  • 14 Please.flac
  • 15 Where the Streets Have No Name.flac
  • 16 Discotheque.flac
  • 17 With or Without You.flac
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