torrent: 2009-2010-2011 U2360 Tour EPK Collection

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From U2360 there have been EPK clips available, total of 4. Now they are all in one place.

U2360 EPK Collection

Compiled by DanysNet // (sparko)

2011 .mov from EPK
2009 .mov Barcelona EPK
2009 dvd Chicago EPK
2010 - Screencapture from (all other methods of downloading, capturing or converting resulted in audio delays and flickering or a broken 24sec file)

The 2010 EPK had only low resolution, as I had to capture it from the website filming the screen. That's why you see a tiny white line as well. Most of it is also part of the 2011 EPK so I kept it as it is for completists.

All other EPK had a totally wrong aspect ratio, I had to resize the ratios to fit a regular 16.

2009,2011: FormatFactory (Resize) -> Magix Video Pro X5
2010: Apowersoft Bildschirmrekorder -> Magix Video Pro X5

--> output high bitrate mp4

Authored to DVD with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4.

Attention: I tried to align the volumes but they are still very different. Chicago is more quiet, 2010 is very quiet, 2011 is very loud. Keep that in mind when playing.


1. 2009 Barcelona Opening Night 10:23min
2. 2009 Chicago US Opening Night 13:15min
3. 2010 Tour EPK 10:13min
4. 2011 Tour EPK 7:51min


Artwork is included.


  1. mulls

    Thanks a lot for this.

  2. fernandin23

    Thanks for the torrent, keep seeding, I will do the same when I have finished

  3. u2lemonman

    Nice one, Many Thanks

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