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U2 Visible

Invisible Compilation
by DanysNet //


This is a little compilation to U2's return to the music circus. It covers the now again _visible_ band during the promotion and release of 'Invisible'.

01 (RED) Instagram Ad
02 There is no them - Teaser
03 Times Square Screening
04 The Story Of Invisible
05 Super Bowl Ad
06 BBC Radio - Bono Interview
07 BBC2 Radio - The Edge Interview
08 Videoclip: Invisible (RED) Edit Version
09 The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon: Invisible at Top Of The Rock

Compiled with Magix Video Pro X5
Authored with TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4
Menu & Chapters
Running Time 49:39min

Radio Interviews are illustrated with screenshots from the Videoclip and pictures and graphics from the (RED) Release. They both contain the played U2 Songs before/during/after the interview.
Graphics and Pictures are added between chapters - Playing all in a row is recommended.

All Clips were downloaded in highest/best available version. Therefor I kept a high bitrate for the video. Sound is AC3 Stereo.

Artwork included


  1. PoPmart360

    Please seed

  2. sparko

    I made a VERY BIG extra compilation of OL which is here:

  3. ZooAlien

    Good job! This a very nice watch.

    There's a lot of free space on a DVD5. Maybe you could do a 'Ordinary Invisible Day' version and include the Jimmy Fallon interview (which is great btw) and the Oscar performance on Sunday...

    In either case, thanks a lot.

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2014-02-17 - New York - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - HDTV 1080i
2014-02-17 - New York - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - HDTV 1080i
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