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Guitar and vocal dropouts in the soundboard source have been seamlessly patched with the previously circulated audience source to create a definitive, lossy version. Enjoy!


  1. olli66

    oh then we must have other sources for this recording...

  2. malbie

    That's strange because I definitely didn't apply any normalization.

  3. olli66

    I didn't check Exit for the aptches, I was jsut comparing the sound and the sound on this one presented here has the levels raised during quite parts, the sbd version I have does not suffer from this...

  4. malbie

    Hmmm ... no sure what you are listening to, but there were no cuts in "Exit" so nothing was patched on it. Maybe you're hearing ambient echo from the original source, I dunno. Also, no normalization was applied. Might want to listen to the original source again.

  5. olli66

    just listened to Exit...too bad you applied normalisation...kills the clearly hear hwo the quiter parts get raised in many dropouts have there been anyway on those three shows? I didn't listen to them yet but, of course, I'd like those spots to be filled but not in sacrifice for normalised audio...

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  • Live In East Rutherford - May 16, 1987
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