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Shoestring Concerts

Anaheim CA
June 18th 2011
Angels Stadium

Main Set:
Even Better Than The Real Thing
The Fly
Mysterious Ways - Don't Speak
Until the End of the World
Amazing Grace > Where the Streets Have No Name - All You Need Is Love - Anthem
I Will Follow
Get On Your Boots - She Loves You
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
Stuck In a Moment(You Can't Get Out Of)
Beautiful Day - Space Oddity
Pride(in the Name of Love)
Miss Sarajevo
City of Blinding Lights
Vertigo - It's Only Rock and Roll
I'll Go Crazy (remix) - Discotheque - Please
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On - Never Walk

With or Without You
Moment of Surrender - Jungleland

Length 02:18:56

Michael - 'U2rulesmyworld' / Shoestring Concerts
Aud/Wireless Matrix : Bob 'Redrocks'
Wireless Matrix: Seneca 'Sharebear'
Audio Tapers: Redrocks, Sharebear, Talltaper

Audio Options:
Stereo aud/wireless matrix
5.1 aud/wireless matrix
Stereo Wireless matrix

Katja 'Loftarasa' - Sony Hx9v (outer rail center right)
Julien 'Reddef' - Panasonic TM900 (Balcony - Wide Shot)
Stefan 'SBCooler' - Sony Hx9v (inner GA in front of Edge)
Rosa 'Raa0425' - (Outer Rail Center)
Tim 'Elimbomofo' - (Outer Rail center left)
Nick 'U2Nick' - Sony HX9v (Inner Rail center right)
Joe 'Jam007' - (Inner GA far right)
Michael 'U2rulesmyworld' - Sony HX9v (Inner GA in front of Adam)
Additional Shots U2rulesmyworld (Mexico I, Seattle and Chicago)

Original master files > Sony VegasPro10> mixed and edited>
1080p30 = Sony H.264 AVC 16mbps 1pass HQ .mp4
720p30 = Sony H.264 AVC 8mbps 1pass HQ .mp4
mobile = 720p AVC > Handbrake 'Regular, Normal' - CABAC off 2 pass @ H.264 1800kbps 30p VBR - Audio AAC @ 160kbps
Audio Sony Vegas AC3 plugin
All audio and video encoding done in SonyPro10 Except mobile Version in Handbrake
MKV files/chapters created using mkvmergev5.0.1

Very little color correction was done, All the HX9v footage was color graded to darken the blacks to better match the other cameras and saturation was boosted a little
No footage was stabilized

This was a huge project, well coordinated before hand. Everyone paid their own expenses including in some cases buying cameras especially for this show.
Much appreciation to everyone who contributed and NO Thanks to those who didnt. Everyone who downloads this at least owes them a thank you and maybe a beer. I prefer Cash

I did everything I could to make this as good as it could be but ultimately I edited to my taste, I like a faster edit, I wanted it to keep a bootleg feel so some shaky footage was kept. Most of us were in GA so I used mostly closeup shots. I tried to balance things so all 4 players are featured and I didnt throw in too many gimmicks(there are a few) but I generally prefer a straight ahead type of edit.
If you dont like how it was edited please log all complaints to When you organize 10+ to film and record then you can edit it and choose how its done.

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"Wireless Matrix"

  • Origins: IEM
  • Credits: sharebear (Matrix Creator), hoserama (Matrix Creator)
  • Equipment: Trader's Little Helper (Sound Editor), Neundo 4 (Sound Editor)
  • Quality based on reviews:
  • Downloads: 198
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Audio / FLAC

Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audio samples

Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: Talltaper (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Edirol R-09HR (Audio recording device), Adobe Audition (Sound Editor), DPA4061 (Microphone)
  • Lineage: DPA 4060->Edirol R-09HRTransfer: SDHC Card->Adobe Audition->FLAC(level 8)
  • Quality based on reviews:
  • Downloads: 1007
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Audio / MP3

Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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2011-06-18 - Anaheim - Larry IEM STEREO - nunomoreira1 and Kaycee master
2011-06-18 - Anaheim - Larry IEM STEREO - nunomoreira1 and Kaycee master
2011-06-18 U2 Anaheim (Ca)
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  • U2 Anaheim 2011-06-18 multicam 1080p30 video.txt
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