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June 21st 2012

Upgrade to previously available 2 DVD Standard Definition Set...

This is the Full Unedited Version of the concert, rendered to MKV in 720p HD from the Master HD File. It contains the track Crazy that was not contained in the edited version.

Notes below from previous SD Version are the same......

Hi Everyone,

We're here finally. Sorry it took so long. I've huge respect for all our other Multicam Authoring Experts in our wonderful U2 Community. I would never have fully realised or truely appreciated the huge effort involved in creating these multicams on a home PC - life really goes on hold during the process. I can't imagine how some manage to create so many fabulous multicams. (I was told I'd be divorced if I did another one :-))

Anyway - This was the last of the 3 dates the guys did in Croke Park in July 2009. I think its a much better show than my prevous one (technically - I don't mean from setlist or anyone's personal enjoyment - that's all subjective!). I had some super sources & it made it all the more enjoyable (in a masachistic way :-)) working on this project. Saying that - please realize its one of the early 360 Tour Shows & its no where near as good as some of the later multicams from deeper into the tour. I was envious of how well the planning was executed for fans with what they agreed to film & then how good all the footage was from those later shows. A little coordination goes a long way! There was no pre-planning or upfront coordination to record for this show so it was 'a make the best with what we had afterwards' effort.

I'm deeply grateful to all the kind, generous fans from all around the World, who communicated with me & willingly shared their private & personal videos with me for this multicam project. I hope you will all be happy with the end result. I took no shortcuts & worked extremely hard to ensure I created the best representation of the show that night - both technically & artistically (although I understand we're all different so not everyone will like every edit - please appreciate I didn't necessarily have good footage for every second of every song, so on occassion may have been forced to choose an angle that would be deemed questionable).

I've very high standards so maybe I'm being too hard - I don't think anyone will be dissapointed with this effort & certainly if you were there or had friends / family there that night - definately download it.

Many thanks to Alysha for the permission to use that excellent Audio Recording. It has made such a major difference having a good quality audio recording to synchronize the video to, also thanks for the patience, support, advice & encouragement I have received from many U2 fans (& inspiration from video editing peers), including but not limited to Loftarasa, Reddef, Achtungpop, U2rulsmywrld, Harrykool & MLKLuke.

I'm always grateful by how willing U2 Fans have been in the past & continue to be in sharing what they have gone to the trouble of recording themselves - it takes time, money & personal sacrifice to make those recordings & I thank everyone for their good nature & spirit in what they share. This effort is part of my small contribution back to the community.

Please don't post on other trackers / sites yet. I will upload to various other trackers/sites. U2T gets the exclusivity just initially - I'm not hoarding & will share freely elsewhere don't worry. Needless to say - I know once this stuff gets onto the web, real control is lost, but I'd kindly ask that people please don't offer this for sale on any sites or 'bricks 'n' moarter' stores. Nobody should have to pay any money for this & nobody should profit from it - other than hopefully the enjoyment they might get if they like watching it etc..

This is the full Version of the concert rendered to MKV in 720p HD from the Master HD File.

General Information :
Name : 'Craic' on The Horizon ( Multicam Mix )
Tour : U2 360 Tour
Leg : Leg 1 - Europe
Date : 07.27.2009
Country : Ireland
City : Dublin
Place : Croke Park
Type : High Definition
File Type : MKV (H264) (Tested as playing perfectly on Windows 7 Media Player, VLC, Nero Showtime, WD Live Media PLayer)
File Size: 6.96GB
Tapers : Audio - Originally recorded by Alysha, Video - Multiple Fans (See Credits at end of concert / MKV File)
Multicam Mix, Audio Remaster for the Concert & Authoring by :Bonoman66
Performance : Live
Sources: Multiple
Length: Full Show, Approx 2 hrs 14 Mins
Generation : Master
Cameras : Amateur, Fan Recordings
Number of Camera Angles: Average 5 to 7 Camera Angles per song (some may be slightly more or less)
Format : 720P
Résolution : 1280 X 720
Sound : 48 000 Hz; Stereo, 384kbit/s
Ratio : 16/9 (Widescreen)
Chapters: No
Menu : No

Setlist :

1. Introduction
2. Breathe
3. No Line On The Horizon
4. Get On Your Boots
5. Magnificent
6. Beautiful Day
7. New Years Day
8. Bono Talking to Crowd
9. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10. Stay
11. Unknown Caller
12. The Unforgettable Fire
13. City of Blinding Lights
14. Vertigo
15. Crazy (Remix)
16. Sunday Bloody Sunday
17. Pride ( In The Name Of Love )
18. M L K
19. Walk On
20. Desmund Tutu Speech
21. Where The Streets Have No Name
22. One
23. Bad
24. Encore / Break
25. Ultraviolet ( Light My Way )
26. With Or Without You
27. Moment Of Surrender
28. Credits






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