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U2 - Hammersmith Palais, London, England

March 22, 1983

Audience (EX quality)

Low gen. audience (details unknown)

The energy and brillance of this band in their earlier days
is really captured on this recording.

2-I Threw A Brick... >
3-A Day Without Me
6-New Year's Day
7-Sunday Bloody Sunday*
8-Cry>The Electric Co.
9-I Fall Down
12-Two Hearts Beat As One
14-Out Of Control > -encore break-
15-Party Girl
16-11 O'clock Tick Tock
17-I Will Follow

*-features Steve Wickham on fiddle.

Normally I don't seed shows I didn't record but as I was transfering my live cds
to my new absolutely gigantic external HD, I came across this show that I for one
have never seen on here and after some searching I could not find any record of it being
seeded before. It has the most amazing version of 'Party Girl' plus live fiddle on 'Sunday
Bloody Sunday' & 'Tomorrow' courtesy of the amazing Mr Steve Wickham. I received this in a
trade back in 1985 when I first started trading. I believe it was on a TDK-SA 90 but that tape
is long gone. This was transferred by a buddy of mine back when making your own cds was a new
technology. I cannot for the life of me remember the software he used. But for my part the lineage
goes something like this:

low gen aud cassette > memorex 80min cd (overburned no less) > EAC > Traders Little Helper >
make torrent 2

Please do not sell or redistribute in lossy formats.

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Audience microphone

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  • Equipment: Sony WM-D6 (Audio recording device)
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U2 1983-03-22 London, England D6 Master AUD
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