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"Pop Galerie reloaded"


That is the info from Arte...i translate it with Babelfish from German to Englisch

Larry Mullen hung 1976 up a note in its school, with which he looked for musicians for volume.
Bono, at that time still Paul David Hewson, had to be persuaded from its fellow combatants to singing,
so that those could participate volume in a talent competition. After own conviction without gift,
he tried certain floats for hours before the mirror and showed later much commitment with its
appearances. The crew of the schoolmates by the bassists Adam Clayton and David Howell Evans were
completed, mentioned ' The Edge'. Together they become U2, one the most successful volume of all times.
The musical beginnings that volume from Dublin stood still completely under the influence
of Punkbands such as ' The Clash'. They obtained their break-through however with a mystisch
angehauchten sound, that the albums ' The Unforgettable Fire' and ' Joshua Tree' to the point of
the Charts catapulted. Later U2 acquired itself the call of a ' politically korrekten' Volume by
the numerous commitments for Greenpeace, Solidarnosc as well as by the
' Live Aid' - Concert or with texts against the force in its homeland Northern Ireland.
Thus the hit became ' Sunday, Bloody Sunday' to the pazifistischen Protesthymne against the civil war.

The Language from the Docu is German

I recorded this with an Onlinetvrecorder, and have it decodet with an tvrecorderdecoder
to OTR Format (how ever this is)

Than i take it to DVD with AVS Video Converter 6.3...At the beginning and at the end, i cut the Docu
with Ulead Video Studio 11

i don`t have a Artwork for this

This is not a Freeleech

Have Fun

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