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Manufacturer: Bonovox
Catalog: 113/14
Matrix Disc 1: BV 113
Matrix Disc 2: BV: 114
Barcode: Unknown
Complete Show: No (see comments)
Format: 2CD
Released: 1997
Disc 1: (73:28)
Disc 2: (72:44)

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Disc 1:
1. Pop Muzik Intro
2. Mofo
3. I Will Follow
4. Gone
5. Even Better Then The Real Thing
6. Last Night On Earth
7. Until The End Of the World
8. New Year's Day
9. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. All I Want Is You
12. Staring At The Sun
13. Daydream Believer
14. Miami
15. Bullet The Blue Sky
16. Please

Disc 2:
1. Where The Streets Have No Name
2. Lemon (Perfecto Mix) Intermission
3. Discothèque
4. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
5. With Or Without You
6. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
7. Mysterious Ways
8. One / MLK
9. Satellite Of Love
10. Bad / All I Want Is You
11. Bullet The Blue Sky
12. Running To Stand Still
13. Ultra Violet (Light My Way)

Disc 1, Disc 2 (1-8): August 2, 1997. Gothenburg, Sweden. Ullevi Stadium.
Disc 2 (9-13): June 8, 1992. Gothenburg, Sweden. Scandinavium.

Sound Quality:
Very good to excellent audience.

Sound And Performance Ratings:
Overall: 8.5
Crispness: 7.0
Alive: 5.0
Ambience: 7.0
Performance: 7.0
Artificial: Somewhat

This bootleg features a pretty standard Popmart show from the first part of the European leg. There aren't many surprises on this one. During the intro of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" Bono talks about U2's first performance in Sweden and delivers the speech of how the band got scared of the corporate monster and decided to eat it before it could eat them. The Edge karoakes to "Daydream Believer", just like he did on most dates in the States. "Bullet The Blue Sky" has snippets of "I Wanna Live In America". It's hard to believe, but the manufacturers not only put "Please" and "Where The Streets Have No Name" on separate discs, but also cut out the beautiful transition between the two songs. This is a terrible shame. "Lemon (Perfecto Mix)" and "Discothèque" are indexed together. The latter has a nice jammy end with snippets from "Black Betty", "Whole Lotta Love" and lyrics from one of the "Discothèque" remixes. Bono talks to a girl in the crowd and dances with her during "If You Wear That Velvet Dress". In fact it's the same girl he invited onstage during "Bullet The Blue Sky". He also sings snippets of an unidentified song during "Mysterious Ways". MLK is kept very short, which ends a nice but not outstanding concert. The sound quality is excellent for an audience recording. The manufacturers "may" have filtered out the audience noise somewhat, which makes the sound a little artificial, although this is only an assumption. The sound is very balanced and in my opinion definitely better than e.g. POPDREAM BELIEVER - FIRST NIGHT IN EUROPE. All in all this is a good Popmart bootleg, but only for people who actually went to this show and completists like myself. There are other Popmart shows (especially from the 4th leg), which feature more inspired and spirited performances by the band. The bonus tracks are very nice. All the tracks from the Zoo TV concert in 1992 aren't on the bootleg IS THIS A PARTY OR WHAT? and thus the two form a nice combination. If you combine the two bootlegs, only "Desire", "With Or Without You" and "Love Is Blindness" are absent. Hopefully one day they will pop up in the same sound quality on some other bootleg.

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1997-08-02 - Gothenburg - The Party Still Goes On
1997-08-02 - Gothenburg - The Party Still Goes On
1997-08-02 Popmart Tour Gothenburg 1 cam DVD
1997-08-02 Popmart Tour Gothenburg 1 cam DVD
U2 1997-08-02 Popmart Tour Gothenburg 1 cam DVD
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