Torrent: 2011-06-04 - Seattle, Parking Lot Crew IEM

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June 4, 2011
Qwest Field
Seattle WA


Taper: Sharebear/Hoserama
Location: Row 4, car spot 4.
Gear: Receiver > Cable > Recorder
Recorded at 24bit/44.1khz.

Cleaned up in Adobe Audition and Izotope RX.
Dithered using Izotope MBIT+.


01. Space Oddity
02. Even Better Than The Real Thing
03. I Will Follow
04. Get On Your Boots
05. Magnificent
06. Mysterious Ways
07. Elevation
08. Until The End Of The World
09. All I Want Is You
10. Stay
11. Beautiful day
12. Pride
13. Miss Sarajevo
14. Zooropa
15. City of Blinding Lights
16. Vertigo
17. Crazy
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday
19. Scarlet
20. walk On
21. One Video
22. One
23. Where The Streets Have No Name
24. Space Child Interlude
25. Hold Me Thrill Me
26. With Or Without You
27. Moment of Surrender


Show Notes:
I didn't see the show. I stayed in the car, hit record, and watched a movie. I heard it was a decent show, but nothing too amazing. I was kind of getting bored of the setlist already, although I still enjoy All I Want is You.

I did fall in love with Seattle during this trip, and may move up there eventually. I think I might miss the Bay Area concert scene too much though.


Recording Notes:
As stated above, this was recorded in the parking lot. Had a pretty solid signal with things jacked up to some biggo antennas. The signal started dropping a bit when the screens came down, effectively cutting off my line of sight to the antenna. As such, Zooropa had a number of dropouts. I did what I could to clean it up, but some spots are a little messy. A few other spots in City/Vertigo/Crazy, but pretty small. Rest of the show is fine to my knowledge.

I remember being frustrated with the reception and watching the lights go out during that stretching, knowing there was nothing I could do to fix the signal (and also guessing what the cause was). Kinda soured me on mixing/piecing the whole show together. It's actually quite a bit more solid than I thought after further review

This is a new type of feed for many folks (at least for 360). It's a crew feed, and would change in style from show to show. Sometimes the mix would change during the show even. This show it seemed to stay pretty steady, sounding very similar to an Edge mix. There are no counts (except for some manual ones in Crazy), but there is a slight click. And of course, there is some crew chatter here and there.


Extra Notes:
This recording is similar, but different than the other Edge feed posted by the esteemed Nuno. Enjoy both to your liking.

This may be the only upload that I say this...but feel free to mix it, chop it up, remaster it, etc. Don't sell it. I will most likely do a full complete mix eventually, but school is almost starting back up so I might have to go back into my hole. So splice it up all you want with the other recordings. Use for video, etc. I would appreciate a message or something for what you plan to do with it though.

Other than the static cleanup and normalizing, this recording is untouched. No eq/compression/etc.

At this point in time, I do not anticipate uploading out any additional raw feeds, so don't ask at the moment. Like I said, I will probably do a full mix myself.

Special thanks to DS for providing a place to crash and allowing my to run his car battery down. Thanks to MA for providing some amusing commentary during the Seattle trip. Extra thanks to ET, EN, and JW for extra gear loans.

Nothin' but love folks.


Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely.


For those interested, there is a mix of the opener Lenny Kravitz over on DIME.

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  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: JEMS (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Olympus LS-10 (Audio recording device), Nakamichi CM-700 (Microphone)
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Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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  • Origins: IEM
  • Credits: Hot potatoes are great especially with cod (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Cool Edit Pro (Audio interface), Tascam DR-08 (Audio recording device)
  • Lineage: Stereo Scanner>Tascam DR-08>Cool edit>WaV>Flac
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  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_06 Mysterious Ways.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_07 Elevation.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_08 Until the End of the World.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_09 All I Want Is You.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_10 Stay.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_11 Beautiful Day.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_12 Pride.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_13 Miss Sarajevo.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_14 Zooropa.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_15 City of Blinding Lights.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_16 Vertigo.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_17 Crazy.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_18 Sunday Bloody Sunday.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_19 Scarlet.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_20 Walk On.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_21 One Video.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_22 One.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_23 Where the Streets Have No Name.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_24 Space Child Interlude.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_25 Hold Me Thrill Me.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_26 With Or Without You.flac
  • 20110604_U2_Seattle_Crew_27 Moment of Surrender.flac
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