Torrent: 1997-05-09 - Tempe, Sharebear Remaster

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Popmart Tour - Tempe, Arizona, USA
Sun Devil Stadium
May 9, 1997


Equipment: IEM Receiver > DAT @ LP Mode
Lineage: DAT 1st gen clone > Computer > Remaster > You
Taper: Gambler
Remaster: Sharebear/hoserama


01. Pop Musik
02. Mofo
03. I will Follow
04. Even Better Than the Real Thing
05. Gone
06. Do You Feel Love
07. Pride
08. I Still Haven't Found
09. Last Night on Earth
10. Until the End of the World
11. If God Will Send His Angels
12. Staring at the Sun
13. Daydream Believer
14. Miami
15. Bullet the Blue Sky
16. Please
17. Streets
18. Lemon Interlude
19. Discotheque
20. If You Wear That velvet Dress
21. With Or Without You
22. Encore
23. Hold Me Thrill Me
24. Mysterious Ways
25. One

01. Warm-Up
02. Gone
03. Do You Feel Love
04. Pride
05. Edge Talk
06. Last Night on Earth
07. Edge Talk
08. Dead Air
09. Guitar Warm-Up
10. Mofo
11. Edge Talk
12. Mofo Guitar
13. Discotheque Warm-up
14. Discotheque
15. Fiddling
16. Dead Air
17. Good-bye


Show notes:
Early Popmart show. Starting to pull things together, but still some mess-ups during the show. Staring at the Sun takes a while to come together, Bono turns into a major a*****e during Miami, and the band forgets how to end With or Without You. I get the feeling they couldn't wait to end the show by the end. Nice little soundcheck bonus, with some full songs and warm-ups.

Recording/remaster notes:
Soundcheck was a pretty solid standard Edge feed. Did the usual basic eq/reverb/etc. No static cleanup needed. The show had a decent amount of static and rf noise, especially in the second half of the show. The most interesting version of with or Without You I've heard was unfortunately striken with a good amount of static. Did the best I could to clean it up, but you'll probably notice some glitches. The feed is from the crew feed, so you'll notice crew talk and instruments/vocals switching in the feed.

Extra notes:
This recording was stolen way back in the day in the infamous shower heist, and slowly was traded out from there. A while back it (and later the soundcheck) was torrented, but it ran slow and sounded bad. I'm unsure if it was intentionally traded with the speed/sound issues to preserve its "trade value" (as was done by these lovely thieving traders by some of the European Pop IEMs), or if the source was just a multi-gen analog tape. In either case, this is from a much better source and cleaned up. Enjoy y'all.


Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely.

Please do not attempt to remaster/remix this recording and spread it around. There is little to no point of trying to compete with the original processing. It just creates problems with conflicting effects and processing errors. If you need to re-eq it for your own listening pleasure, that's fine, just don't spread it around.

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  • Origins: IEM
  • Credits: sharebear (Remasterer), Gambler (Audio Taper), hoserama (Remasterer)
  • Lineage: IEM Receiver > DAT @ LP ModeLineage: DAT 1st gen clone > Computer > Remaster > You
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Audio / MP3

Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audio samples
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_01 Pop Musik.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_02 Mofo.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_03 I Will Follow.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_04 Even Better Than The Real Thing.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_05 Gone.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_06 Do You Feel Love.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_07 Pride.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_08 I Still Haven't Found.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_09 Last Night on Earth.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_10 Until the End of the World.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_11 If God Will Send His Angels.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_12 Staring at the Sun.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_13 Daydream Believer.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_14 Miami.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_15 Bullet the Blue Sky.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_16 Please.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_17 Streets.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_18 Lemon Interlude.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_19 Discotheque.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_20 If You Wear That Velvet Dress.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_21 With Or Without You.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_22 Encore.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_23 Hold Me Thrill Me.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_24 Mysterious Ways.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_25 One.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_IEM.txt
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_IEM_Remastered.md5
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_01 Warm-Up.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_02 Gone.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_03 Do You Feel Love.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_04 Pride.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_05 Edge Talk.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_06 Last Night on Earth.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_07 Edge Talk.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_08 Dead Air.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_09 Guitar Warm-up.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_10 Mofo.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_11 Edge Talk.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_12 Mofo Guitar.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_13 Discotheque Warm-Up.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_14 Discotheque.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_15 Fiddling.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_16 Dead Air.flac
  • 19970509_U2_Tempe_SCK_17 Good-bye.flac
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