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Olympic Stadion, Helsinki (Finland)
August 9th, 1997


Recording Equipment: IEM Receiver > Dat @ LP Mode
Lineage: DAT 1st gen clone > CDR > FLAC > Izotope Rx + Nuendo > Traders Little Helper

Taper: Supermarket Superman
Remaster/Clean-up: Sharebear/Hoserama


01. Pop Muzik
02. Mofo
03. I Will Follow
04. Gone
05. Even Better Than The Real Thing
06. Last Night on Earth
07. Until the End of the World
08. New Years Day
09. Pride
10. I Still Haven't Found
11. All I want Is You
12. Staring at the Sun
13. Daydream Believer
14. Miami
15. Bullet the Blue Sky
16. Please
17. Where the Streets Have No Name
18. Lemon Changeover
19. Lemon Interlude
20. Discotheque
21. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
22. With Or without You
23. Encore
24. Hold Me Thrill Me
25. Mysterious Ways
26. One
27. MLK
28. Mofo (Soundcheck)


Coming up on 15 years later, and this one is finally seeing general release. Impressive when you consider it's been traded around for a long time. Funny how these 'rare trades' things go. I'm not totally sure how it originally got into the trade pool, this might have been part of the infamous shower heist (somebody jacked a bunch of tapes from a tapers drawer while the taper hit the shower).

This source is coming direct from a transfer of a first generation DAT clone, and likely better lineage that what's commonly circulating in the trade circles. Especially considering a bunch of the 1997 IEM feeds that got released were sabotaged in some way (cut songs, noise/clicks inserted, etc), so no clue if the traded Helsinki version has any added baggage.

I do like these Crew feeds. You hear the occasional talk over, occasional instrument changover. Seems like the full-band crew feed didn't appear back until the 360 tour, but looks like not many people knew how to pull it. Must be the allure of a kickass Edge microphone pull!

The crew kinda freak out during the Lemon changeover, and end up just muting the channel. I deleted the 3 minutes of dead air. In general, there was several points of cable dropouts or scanner beeps. I cleaned up most of these, but you might notice a few occasional skips.

Did some basic remaster stuff. Broke out my scanner EQ curve (derived from EQ fingerprint comparisons between IEM receiver vs scanner), some basic exciters/reverb/etc. Nothing to extravagent with the remaster.

Included a little instrumental from the soundcheck for a little added fun.

This is dedicated for all the hyper active traders. This is a fun hobby.


Please don't sell this recording in any way - no cash for blanks, 2:1s, or any other form of "getting paid for your time". Just share it freely.

If you're going to destroy the sound of some ultra-spiffy high-end rigs by encoding and spreading them via poorly encoded mp3's, please keep them on your own computer and not dilute the tradepool. This means you!

Please do not attempt to remaster/remix this recording and spread it around. There is little to no point of trying to compete with the original processing. It just creates problems with conflicting effects and processing errors. If you need to re-eq it for your own listening pleasure, that's fine, just don't spread it around. If you think you are truly capable and still want to take a stab at it, then trade for an untouched copy.

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  • Origins: IEM
  • Credits: sharebear (Remasterer), hoserama (Remasterer), Supermarket Superman (Audio Taper)
  • Lineage: IEM Receiver > Dat @ LP Mode > DAT 1st gen clone > CDR > FLAC > Izotope Rx + Nuendo > Traders Little Helper
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U2 1997-08-09 Popmart Helsinki IEM
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM.md5
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM.txt
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_01 Pop Muzik.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_02 Mofo.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_03 I Will Follow.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_04 Gone.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_05 Even Better Than The Real Thing.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_06 Last Night On Earth.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_07 Until The End Of The World.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_08 New Years Day.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_09 Pride.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_10 I Still Haven't Found.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_11 All I Want Is You.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_12 Staring at the Sun.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_13 Daydream Believer.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_14 Miami.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_15 Bullet The Blue Sky.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_16 Please.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_17 Where The Streets Have No Name.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_18 Lemon Changover.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_19 Lemon Interlude.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_20 Discotheque.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_21 If You Wear That Velvet Dress.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_22 With Or Without You.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_23 Encore.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_24 Hold Me Thrill Me.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_25 Mysterious Ways.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_26 One.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_27 MLK.flac
  • 19970809_U2_Helsinki_IEM_28 Mofo - Soundcheck.flac
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