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World in Action - Anthem for the 80's
Croke Park, Dublin
27th June 1987

Video: Pro Shot > VHS Master > DVD > Menu and chapters added with DVD-lab PRO2

- PAL 4:3
- 7501 kbps
- 720 X 576 25.0 fps

Audio SBD
-MPEG-1 Layer 2 224 KB/S stereo

Where the streets have no name
Running to stand still
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet the blue sky
I still haven't found what i'm looking for


This is a really nice upgrade from the previous upload i put up here about 5 years ago, the picture is sharper and the colours are stronger.
All credit for this rip goes to cpome7 who uploaded this on The Box a few years ago, there was some official footage on the original torrent which i removed

For anyone who hasn't already seen this documentary, it includes some excellent footage from the 1st night in Croke Park Dublin 1987, however there are are some really depressing and boring interviews regarding the state of the Irish economy in the 80's.
My other complaint about this programme is some of the footage of the audiance has been edited and is out of time with the music making it appear as if the Irish crowd have no sense of rhythm or can't dance in time (although that probably was the case for those who had too much too drink!)

Thanks again to cpome7 for making this available.


ps: no artwork for this one, as anyone who grabbed my Self-Aid rip on TTD will know it's not my area of expertise


  1. soulchief

    Could I please get a seed??
    Trying to download this wonderful looking torrent but it is currently seedless..

  2. edwinreijenga

    thank you

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"First night at Dublin"

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"Joshua Tree Dublin"

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ACT 1987-06-27 - Dublin
1987-06-27 Joshua Tree Dublin
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1987-06-27 - Dublin - New Source
1987-06-27 - Dublin - New Source
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