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U2 - Last Night On Earth (Original Silvers)
Paris - Parc Des Prinses - France 1997 - 09 - 06 (Sept 6th 1997)

Disc 1

I Will Follow
Even Better Than The Real Thing
Last Night On Earth
Until The End Of The World
New Year’s Day
Pride(In The Name Of Love)
Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
All I Want Is You
Staring At The Sun
Suspicious Minds
Bullet The Blue Sky

Disc 2

Where The Streets Have No Name
If You Wear That Velvet Dress
With Or Without You
Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me,Kill Me
Mysterious Ways
Unchained Melody

Bonus Tracks
Singing In The Rain(Mannheim 31-07-1997)
Discotheque/Children Of The Revolution (Mannheim 31-07-1997)
Rain(Mannheim 31-07-1997)
Can’t Help Falling In Love(Vienna 16-08-1997)
Daydream Believer(London 23-08-1997)
Wake Up Dead Man (London 23-08-1997)

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  • Disc 1
    • Documents.ffp
    • Documents.md5
    • Track01.- Mofo.flac
    • Track02. I Will Follow.flac
    • Track03.- Gone.flac
    • Track04.- Even Better Than The Real Thing.flac
    • Track05.- Last Night On Earth.flac
    • Track06.- Until The End Of The World.flac
    • Track07.- New Year's Day.flac
    • Track08.- Pride(In The Name Of Love).flac
    • Track09.- Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For .flac
    • Track10.- All I Want Is You.flac
    • Track11.- Staring At The Sun.flac
    • Track12.- Suspicious Minds.flac
    • Track13.- Miami.flac
    • Track14.- Bullet The Blue Sky.flac
    • Track15.- Please.flac
  • Disc 2
    • Documents.ffp
    • Documents.md5
    • Track01.- Where The Streets Have No Name.flac
    • Track02.- Lemon.flac
    • Track03.- Discotheque.flac
    • Track04.- If You Wear That Velvet Dress.flac
    • Track05.- With Or Without You.flac
    • Track06.- Hold Me,Thrill Me,Kiss Me,Kill Me.flac
    • Track07.- Mysterious Ways.flac
    • Track08.- MLK.flac
    • Track09.- One.flac
    • Track10.- Unchained Melody.flac
    • Track11.- Singing In The Rain(Mannheim 31-07-1997).flac
    • Track12.- Discotheque - Children Of The Revolution(31-07-1997).flac
    • Track13.- Rain(Mannheim 31-07-1997).flac
    • Track14.- Can't Help Falling In Love (Vienna 16-08-1997).flac
    • Track15.- Daydream Believer(London 23-08-1997).flac
    • Track16.- Wake Up Dead Man (London 23-08-1997).flac
  • U2 - Last Night On Earth.txt
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