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These are the first three songs on a concert to be recorded
for sending satellites to other broadcast media.
Songs are not covered fully with the video but the audio is complete
(missing a bit of audio on the song Breath, but I solved it).
I'm at the point where there is no video of the concert, put videos that were recorded for TV.
Video recordings include: the construction stage, the arrival of U2 planes and passing parade,
people coming to the show and at the end Bono meeting with fans.

I hope that someone might recognize on video footage!

Filmed on the professional equipment and then transferred to DVD.

No Line On The Horizon
Get On Your Boots

Source Parameters:
Angle: 1
Frame Rate: 25.000
Video Frame Size: 720:576
Interlacing: Upper/Top Field First
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Sample Rate: 48.000
Bits/Sample 16
Decoder: AC3Filter
Channels Stereo ( 2X mono )
Size: 544 MB
12 min

NO Artworks

Thank all those who have exchanged their materials of U2!

I hope that someone will be happy!


  1. brunog666

  2. KieranU2

    Thanks for this!

  3. Risto

    Thanks for the upload

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  • 2009-08-09 Zagreb
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