Torrent: 2009-07-07 - Milan, KM140s fixed version (rec by Alysha)

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July 7th 2009
Stadio Giuseppe Meazza (San Siro)
Milan, Italy


01 Space Oddity (David Bowie - Tape Intro)
02 Intro
03 Breathe
04 No Line On The Horizon
05 Get On Your Boots
06 Magnificent
07 Bono Speach
08 Beautiful Day
09 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10 Stand By Me
11 Angel Of Harlem
12 Man In The Mirror (Snippet) / Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (Snippet)
13 Party Girl (first Start) / Happy Birthday Eve
14 Party Girl
15 In A Little While
16 Unknown Caller
17 The Unforgettable Fire
18 City Of Blinding Lights
19 Vertigo
20 I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
21 Sunday Bloody Sunday
22 Pride (In The Name Of Love)
23 MLK
24 Walk On
25 Desmond Tutu Speech
26 Where The Streets Have No Name
27 Bono Speach
28 One
29 Encore Break
30 Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
31 With Or Without You
32 Moment Of Surrender
33 Ave Maria (Franz Schubert / L.Pavarotti)

Source: Neumann KM140's > AETA PSP3 > R09 > HarBal 2.3
Notes: the original upload of this source has a cut during One and a few seconds are missing. this fixed version now has the complete show without the cut during one (NOT patched from another tape!). to fix this a return to the original wave masters of the r09 was needed and everything has been redone from scratch. for this reason the eq'ing might be a bit different too.
Besides that cut during One there are some more little flaws here and there as one of the mic cables got damaged unnoticed before the show and in fact it is quiet surprising that so little damage can be heard on the tape!

A very special Thank You goes out to the kind bike mechanic who fixed the mic cable just in time for dublin!


  1. Risto

    You are welcome

  2. U2Freak999

    Thanks a lot Chris!

  3. Risto

    On U2Freak999's request! This is the excellent recording of an excellent show of an excellent tour

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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: Alysha (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Neumann KM 140 (Microphone), AETA PSP3 (Pre-amp), Edirol R-09 (Audio recording device), Harbal (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: Neumann KM140's > AETA PSP3 > R09 > HarBal 2.3 > MP3
  • Quality based on reviews:
  • Downloads: 1200

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Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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U2 - 2009-07-07 - Milan [FLAC] audience recording
U2 - 2009-07-07 - San Siro Stadium, Milan, Italy - FLAC
2009-07-07 - Milano - IEM
2009-07-07 - Milano - IEM
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  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t25.flac
  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t26.flac
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  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t28.flac
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  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t30.flac
  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t31.flac
  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t32.flac
  • U2_2009-07-07_1644_t33.flac
  • U2_2009-07-07_km140.flac1644(fixed).ffp
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