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U2 Smile Jamaica Benefit Concert
16 October 1988
The Dominion Theatre, London.



1. All Along The Watch Tower
2. Angel Of Harlem
3. When Love Comes To Town (with Keith Richards)
4. Love Rescue Me (with Keith Richards and Ziggy Marley)

PAL 720x576, 25 fps, 8Mbps

Audio Track1:
LPCM stereo, remastered

Audio Track2:
AC3 mono, original source

This is a remaster of the "Smile Jamaica" DVD torrented on

The video was cleaned up using TMPEGEnc, to remove interlace
artifacts, and video noise reduction was also applied. The
resulting video is a bit softer, but much more pleasant to
watch. I know there are better sources out there, but I could
not get one, so I worked with the one I got.

The original audio seems to be from a mono source (or a source
with very poor channel separation), and has some dropouts,
especially at "When Love Comes to Town", so I mixed the audio from
an alternate audio source obtained on U2BloodRedSkyHub. The audio
files were converted from SHN to WAV and upsampled to 48khz using
Adobe Audition 1.5. Some small gaps between songs were filled
using the original audio source, with the volume equalized to
match the new source. Both audio tracks are included on the DVD.

I also added menus and chapter points for each song. The DVD was
authored using ULead DVD Workshop 2.

Thanks to the original tapers of both the video and audio sources,
unfortunately I do not have their names to give them proper credit.

This is my first attempt at a remaster, comments and criticisms
are welcome.




  1. clover68

    a very good document among many many benefit moments .. thanx so much ;-)

  2. Risto

    Thank you

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1988-10-16 - London - Smile Jamica Concert - Video Pro Shot
1988-10-16 - London - Smile Jamica Concert - Video Pro Shot
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