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Shared with permission from maker and original uploader ''bonoman66''

Hi Everyone,

The first & most important thing I need to do is say a sincere thank you to all the fans who have gone to the trouble to communicate with me & share their private & personal recordings of this show between Aug 2009 & May 2010. What I managed to create, would NOT have been possible without the very generous, willing & supportive U2 Fan Community from all over the World. So you all have yourselves to thank for making this project possible. I have created a 'Credits Page' on the DVD Menu so you can be identified as having contributed to this project. I hope I have not missed or forgotten anyone's name as I will be very embarrassed & annoyed at myself if I have.

I was very sensitive to the fact that initially people had no idea who this Bonoman66 guy was asking for their private footage, copies of their personal recordings etc.. I just took time to explain myself & my intent, to create this 2 DVD Set & make it freely available when finished. I did not pressure anyone to send me their footage, just kept in touch with people & tried to convince fans where I could, to send me anything they had recorded. I paid the cost of postage where fans could not afford to send me their footage (including costs of FedEx deliveries to Ireland from the USA which is not cheap :-o).

I ended up spending almost 10 months just initially gathering the video footage from every corner of the Globe (between Aug 2009 - May 2010). I thought I would get no more footage so I had started to create these DVDs in the Feb / March 2010 timeframe, but then I got sent some additional footage & ended up having to restart the project twice again - so only really properly started in May 2010 & then finshed in Dec 2010.

I'm sorry to all the fans who have been a bit disappointed with me that I took so long to complete this 2 DVD Set for July 24th. I see that as a 'Healthy Impatience' & I hope this will make the wait worthwhile for you. I knew going into a project like this (any multicam), that it would be very time consuming (10 Months alone just to gather footage etc..) but I did not anticipate the technical problems I'd face, which would require time, money & effort to put right in order for me to complete the project.

I realised when I was approx 50% through DVD 1 that I needed more memory for my computer. I had 4GB RAM, but knew I needed to at least double it to 8GB so I did that. However, as my Operating System was only 32Bit, I then needed to upgrade my Operating System to a 64Bit version in order to take advantage of the extra RAM. I then had to purchase 4 X 1.5TB Hard Drives (I kept multiple backups of all the work in case anything went wrong!). I was lucky enough to have many camera angles for some songs (up to 18!) but that also meant I had to watch all angles many times, taking hand written notes about any significant video events that I might need to cut to when editing - so that took a lot of time. Its good having the choice of many angles, but that will also mean it will take longer to complete a mix as each angle is properly reviewed & notes made etc.

So I'm not trying to make excuses here - I enjoyed the learing process that was part of the technical issues - but I just want to make sure everyone understands, that the delays were not due to me not caring or not wanting to finish this project faster etc..I wanted to try do my best & not rush the work at the expense of quality.

Lastly (but not least) - thanks to Bedoc for the permission to use his Audio Recording. It has made such a difference having a good quality audio recording to synchronize the video to, also thanks for the patience, support, advice & encouragement I have received from many U2 fans (& video editing peers), including but not limited to Bedoc, Loftarasa, Placedge, Julien, Reddef, Achtungpop.

My next project is the U2 Show of Mon 27th July 2009 from Croke Park & I have some very good footage for that & will start the work in Jan 2011 (I need a break for Christmas :-)). It will take a few months, but not as long as this 24th July date took (as I don't have to wait an initial 10 months for footage etc..) - If there's anyone who has good quality footage from Mon July 27th 2009 that hasn't already shared it with me, please contact me (either through U2Torrents or YouTube - Bonoman66), I'd love to have it to use if possible - Thank you.

Please don't post on other trackers / sites yet. I will upload to DIME in a few days - I need a chance to get my own ratio up a bit first before people jump on there. U2T gets the exclusivity just initially - I'm not hoarding & will share freely elsewhere don't worry. Needless to say - I know once this stuff gets onto the web, real control is lost, but I'd kindly ask that people please don't offer this for sale on any sites or 'bricks 'n' moarter' stores. Nobody should have top pay any money for this & nobody should profit from it - other than hopefully the enjoyment they might get if they like watching it etc..

General Information :
Name : A Sound Called Home ( Multicam Mix )
Tour : U2 360 Tour
Leg : Leg 1 - Europe
Date : 07.24.2009
Country : Ireland
City : Dublin
Place : Croke Park
Type : Standard Definition Video
Support : DVD +/-R
Tapers : Audio - Originally recorded by Bedoc, Video - Multiple Fans (See DVD Credits)
Multicam Mix, Audio Remaster for the DVD & Authoring by :Bonoman66
Performance : Live
Sources: Multiple
Length: Full Show, DVD1 is 1 Hr 8 Mins, DVD 2 is 59 Mins 48 Secs
Generation : Master
Cameras : Amateur, Fan Recordings
Number of Camera Angles: Average between 7 to 10 Camera Angles per song (some may be slightly more or less)
Format : PAL
Résolution : 720 x 576
Sound : 48 000 Hz; Stereo, 384kbit/s
Ratio : 16/9
Authoring : Yes
Menu : Yes

Setlist :
Disc 1
1. Introduction
2. Breathe
3. No Line On The Horizon
4. Get On Your Boots
5. Magnificent
6. Beautiful Day
7. Elevation
8. Desire
9. Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
10. The Auld Triangle
11. One
12. Until The End of The World
13. The Unforgettable Fire
14. City of Blinding Lights

Disc 2
1. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (Remix )
2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
3. Pride ( In The Name Of Love )
4. M L K
5. Walk On
6. Desmund Tutu Speech
7. Where The Streets Have No Name
8. Bad
9. Spaceship - Ultraviolet Intro
10. Ultraviolet ( Light My Way )
11. With Or Without You
12. Moment Of Surrender



Sunday Bloody Sunday


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"Bono IEM"

  • Origins: IEM
  • Credits: bedoc (Audio Taper), Julien (Remasterer)
  • Equipment: Edirol R-09 (Audio recording device), Adobe Audition (Sound Editor), Trader's Little Helper (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: Mono Receiver > Edirol R-09 > USB > Adobe Audition CC > CD Wave Editor 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.5.0
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Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: bedoc (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: SP-SPSB-1 (Power supply), SP-CMC-4 (Microphone), Soundforge (Sound Editor), Olympus LS-10 (Audio recording device)
  • Lineage: Material : SP-CMC-4 > SP-SPSB-1 Battery Box @160HZ > Olympus LS-10 (24/96)Transfert : Kingston SD Card (16Go) > USB 2.0 > WAV > Soundforge 6.0 (normalisation) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > dBpowerAmp > FLAC (8) > MP3 (V1 preset)
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Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: heartland (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Sony ECM-719 (Microphone), iRiver iHP-120 (Audio recording device)
  • Lineage: Sony ECM-719 => Iriver iHP-120 running Rockbox (WAV, 44,1kHz) => USB => Peak (cut, mix, tracks) => FLAC => MP3 (Lame, 192kbps)
  • Downloads: 2473

Audio / MP3

Bit rate: 192, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Credits: Julien (Audio Taper)
  • Equipment: Olympus LS-10 (Audio recording device), CA-9100 (Power supply), CA-11 (Audio recording device)
  • Lineage: CA-11 Cardioids > CA-9100 > Olympus LS-10
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2009-07-24 - Dublin - Bono IEM Bedoc Julien
2009-07-24 - Dublin - Bono IEM Bedoc Julien
2009-07-24 - Dublin - Bono IEM Bedoc Julien
2009-07-24 - Dublin - Bono IEM Bedoc Julien
U2 - 2009-07-24 - Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland - Bono IEM
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