Torrent: 2006-12-09 - Honolulu, 2006-12-09 - Honolulu, Hawaii, USA - Aloha Stadium

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This is not created by me and so i have copied the exact information provided by the uploader i got this from. Looks like they have done a great job credits play at beginning of video. A big thankyou to those who created this file.

Aloha Stadium
Honolulu, Hawaii
December 9th 2006
Version 2.0

3 cam mix HD

Video: 1920x1080 AVC mp4
Audio: AAC
Encoding: Sony Vegas 9.0 and 10
Lineage: Sony 1080i camera(s)>firewire>Vegas(mastered and mixed)>HDV 1080i60 cbr 25mbps 1 pass>
Vegas10 Sony AVC 16mbps>torrent

Audio source: Bob's Aud/Aud/IEM mix, info below

I torrented this show in late 2008 but due to impending deadlines I rushed things a bit to get it done and shared.
Over the last couple years I have revisited this show. I used better stabilization settings. Reedited several songs.
Fixed some synch issues. I also did alot of digital zooming in the 1st version but decided it was unneeded since most
people watching HD footage are doing so on large HDTV's.

I consider this version a signifigant improvement.

City Of Blinding Lights


  1. bonozitoun

    it's the 3 cam mix HD by u2rulesmyworld , and it's not mpeg2 files ...

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"4-Source Matrix"

  • Origins: Audience microphone, IEM
  • Credits: Drew W. (Matrix Creator)
  • Equipment: Adobe Audition (Sound Editor)
  • Lineage: MATRIX: Adobe Audition 3 (see info) > FLAC > fre:ac > mp3@256kb/s
  • Quality based on reviews:
  • Downloads: 322
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Audio / MP3

Bit rate: 256, bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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Audio samples

Audience microphone

  • Origins: Audience microphone
  • Quality based on reviews:
  • Downloads: 211

Audio / MP3

Bit depth: 16, sample rate: 44100, channels: 2
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ACT 2006-12-09 - Honolulu
720p 3-cam mix
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  • U2 Hawaii 2006-12-09 3 cam ver2.0.mp4
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