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This is raw, unedited 128kbps mp3 sound from December 4, 2010 of "Arachnid Guy: Bring Back the Light". I just hit the record button
and let it fancy recorder or mics involved.

This is NOT perfect sound by a long shot, if you want that wait for and buy the OCA. It's meant to just give an idea.
While it's just meant to give an idea, if anyone wants to take a shot at editing this, sound and/or track wise, go ahead -
don't credit me (don't want or need it), but also don't pretend it's your original recording - that's all I ask.

Part 1:

Splash Page
Behold and Wonder
Bullying by Numbers
No More
D.I.Y World
Bouncing Off Walls
Rise Above
Pull the Trigger
Picture This
I'll Take Manhattan

Part 2:

"Arachnid Guy" Rising
"Bring Back the Light"
Walk Away
Think Again
Deeply Furious
If the World Should End
The Boy Falls From the Sky
Love Me or Kill Me


  1. Remy


  2. Risto

    It is no problem! Thanks for testing

  3. yeah

    Sorry for the small file size and the lossy recording. I just use this as some kind of test. ;-)

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