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2006 Grammy Awards - Hi-Definition + Speeches

Digital Cable High-Definition>DVR>Stand Alone DVD Recorder XP Mode.

- Vertigo
- One
- Best Rock Album Acceptance
- Song of the Year Acceptance
- Producer of the Year – Steve Lillywhite HTDAAB
- Album of the Year Acceptance

- All-Star Jam for New Orleans

1. Now is the Time (?)
2. The Midnight Hour

The Edge
Bonnie Raitt
Elvis Costello
Yolanda Adams
Dr. John
Sam Moore
Bruce Springsteen

- Ellen Degeneres back stage at the Grammy rehearsals. She catches a few seconds of Edge rehearsing and speaks with Bono.

I didn’t record the entire broadcast, just tried to catch the U2 parts. You won’t see all the other nominees, but all U2 is complete. All the speeches and songs are complete. The idiots at the Grammys cut off Larry – it wasn’t me!

I included the songs that The Edge played guitar on because, well – he is THE EDGE!!!

There is about 3 seconds at the end of The Midnight Hour that gets cut off; after that CBS was rolling credits over the performance.

My DVD software is having a problem, so I didn’t do any editing or put in a menu. But this has everything U2 did at the Grammys in pretty nice quality.


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