torrent: 1993-08-28 - Dublin, 1993-08-28 - Dublin, R.D.S Silver

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August 28,1993
Royal Dublin Society Showgrounds
Dublin, Ireland

Lineage: Original Silvers -> EAC -> WAV -> FLAC frontend -> FLAC

Excellent Broadcast/Soundboard


Disc 1:
01. Intro (5:13)
02. Zoo Station (4:44)
03. The Fly-->Channel Surfing (5:59)
04. Even Better Than The Real Thing (3:40)
05. Mysterious Ways (7:00)
06. One / Unchained Melody (6:10)
07. Until The End Of The World (4:54)
08. New Year's Day (5:21)
09. Numb (4:01)
10. Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World (4:02)
11. Angel Of Harlem (4:13)
12. When Love Comes To Town (3:26)
13. Stay (Far Away, So Close!) (5:20)

Disc 2:
01. Satellite Of Love (3:43)
02. Bad (6:52)
03. Bullet The Blue Sky (5:26)
04. Running To Stand Still (5:57)
05. Where The Streets Have No Name (5:16)
06. Pride (In The Name Of Love) (5:23)
07. Zoo TV Crew Confessionals (6:58)
08. Desire-->MacPhisto phone call (7:40)
09. Help / Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (5:49)
10. With Or Without You (3:50)
11. Love Is Blindness (5:11)
12. Can't Help Falling In Love (2:45)

October 2005:
This version is the complete show (for real this time) compiled from FLACs directly from multiple Silvers. The set includes the Intro to the show before Zoo Station (Russian music and other stuff), the unedited ending to 'Trying to Throw Your Arms' (Dublin says, I will), the zoo confessionals after Pride and Intro to Desire (more Russian music), McPhisto calls the 'United Nations' at the end of Desire, as well as the Elvis bit continuing to play over the PA (Elvis is still in the building. Goodnight Dublin city) at the end of the show. Disc 1 and Disc 2 are also split without fades. This is an issue on some Silvers (notably RDS Zooropa 93) which split the seemless Bad -->Bullet on 2 different discs, and faded in and out over music.

Sound quality is exactly the same on all of the Silvers except 'Zooropa 93' which was used only for the confessions and George Bush rap (you can hear a jump in levels in d1t01 when it switches). I checked the levels in EAC and Audacity, and all of the boots have the same drop off, which makes it appear they could be mp3 sourced (but unless several separate silvers made in 1993 were mp3 sourced nearly impossible, if not entirely impossible). The drop off is due to the original source being post broadcast (the Westwood One feed) regardless of what the boots claim to be. There is a fade in to the Cofessionals (d2t07, its the fullest version available). Only crowd noise is lost due to the fade.

Silvers used:
Live From Dublin (Intro--second half of d1t01)
RDS Zooropa 93 (George Bush rap--beginning of d1t01, Zoo TV Confessionals and Intro music to Desire--d2t07)
Live Storm (everything else, including all of the U2 music)

FLOM Comments on Zoo Europa, the most widely traded Silver source of this show (it was not used in anyway on this set):
The ending of "Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World" has Bono saying simply "I Will," instead of the "Dublin City says I will," on other bootlegs such as Live Storm's ZOOROPA `93 -RDS , DUBLIN 1993. Obviously, KTS has found a way to edit it out so it misses a beat or the ending seems a little bit abrupt. The long wait while the band is walking to the b-stage after this song and to "Angel Of Harlem" is edited too, because it seems that the two songs were played right after the other (which they were not). This bootleg is also edited from "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" to "Desire". The Zoo confessions and the TV images and interference right before "Desire" is edited (as compared to the unedited ZOOROPA `93). So all you hear is the crowd after from "Pride (In The Name Of Love)" and then "Desire" kicks straight in. After "Cant Help Falling In Love," Bono says goodnight and the bootleg fades out. In other pressings such as ZOOROPA `93, you can still hear the Elvis version of the song from the PA while Bono says "Elvis is still in the building," and then it fades out.


  1. u2point1

    Wow this brings me back. Up until now all I had was a very worn out cassette tape recording of the 2fm radio broadcast. THANK YOU!!

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1993-08-28 - Dublin - ZOOTOPIA - Backstage RDS - 2 Silver CDs - Official Tracks Removed
Audio: ZOO TV Tour AUDIO
1993-08-28 - Dublin - Zoo Europa
1993-08-28 - Dublin - Zoo Europa
1993-08-28 Dublin, Ireland - UNRELEASED VIDEO
1993-08-28 Dublin, Ireland - UNRELEASED VIDEO
U2 1993-08-28 RDS Dublin - FM - uncirculated remaster (complete show)
1993-08-28 Dublin - FM - Uncirculated Remaster
1993-08-28 Dublin - FM - Uncirculated Remaster
1993-08-28 - Dublin - Uncirculated Remaster Complete
1993-08-28 - Dublin - Uncirculated Remaster Complete
1993-08-28 Dublin 4cam mix
1993-08-28 Dublin 4cam mix
1993-08-28 - Dublin alt. mix
1993-08-28 - Dublin alt. mix
U2 - 1993-08-28, Royal Dublin Showground, Dublin, Ireland
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  • u21993-08-28d2t05.flac
  • u21993-08-28d2t06.flac
  • u21993-08-28d2t07.flac
  • u21993-08-28d2t08.flac
  • u21993-08-28d2t09.flac
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