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Bono - Irelands Greatest

Broadcast Date Sunday 17 Oct 2010 ( Second Broadcast )
RTE Network 2 - Ireland

Irelands Greatest is a competition being run by RTE to find Irelands greastest historical figure.
From an initial list it was narrowed down to 6 individuals including Bono. This documentry was made by Dave Fanning
and tells the life story of Bono from the early days ( including a trip to the house where he grew up ) to the present day.

Packed with acrhive snippets from interviews , TV footage and News Items , have fun trying to identifying them all

Linage Digital TV -> Philips DVDR3480 Recorder -> PC -> Authered with TEMPgenc -> You

PAL 4:3 MPEG-2 Video PAL 25 FPS 9210kb/s
Audio Dolby Digital 48000Hz 2 Channel 256 kb/s

Tapded and authered with a basic menu by frankhealy.
Free Trade Only - Not for Sale . ENJOY !

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