torrent: 1998-01-31 - Sao Paulo, 1998-01-31 Sao Paulo Pro-Shot DVD

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This is an upgrade to the 1998-01-31 Sao Paulo DVD currently being
torrented here.

According to my source, this was transferred directly from the
MTV master pre-broadcast beta tape. I have no way of confirming
that, but the image quality is crystal clear, and the audio is
excellent. It definitely is from a different source than the
DVD currently being torrented, because it does not have the
portuguese subtitles that MTV included in the broadcast everytime
Bono spoke during the concert (so this might be an indication
that it does come indeed from an MTV master), and it is complete,
without the cuts present on the other version.

Unfortunately, some idiot decided to add a very annoying logo
at the top left corner of the screen. As the concert goes on,
it'll get less annoying until we don't notice it anymore.

I received this as a 2 DVD set, both discs had lots of filler
(mostly U2 video clips), and no menus or chapter points.
By the time I removed the filler, it fit nicely into a
single DVD, but there is a fade out/fade in between
Sunday Bloody Sunday and Bullet the Blue Sky (the original
disc 2 started on Bullet the Blue Sky).

If it weren't for those two things, this would be the
definitive version of this show. Still, it is a huge
upgrade, and the quality is nothing short of stunning.

I merged the two parts into a single disc and created
menus and chapter points. Audio is Dolby Digital AC3.

Included in the torrent is the nice artwork created
by Trabant for this show.

General Informations :
Name : Live from São Paulo 01.31.1998
Tour : Popmart Tour
Leg : Leg 4 - Rest Of The World
Date : 01.31.1998
Country : Brasil
Town : São Paulo
Place : Morumbi
Type : Video
Support : DVD+/-R
Material : MTV Master(?) > DVD
Performance : Live
Source : MTV Beta Master tape (?)
Generation : Master
Integral : Yes
Camera : Pro
Nb Cam. : 3 and more
Format : NTSC
Resolution : 720x480
Sound : AC3
Ratio : 4/3
Authoring : Yes (by Titles)
Menu : Yes (right version of menu)

Setlist :
1. Pop Muzik
2. Mofo
3. I Will Follow
4. Gone
5. Even Better Than The Real Thing
6. Last Night On Earth
7. Until The End Of The World
8. New Year's Day
9. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. All I Want Is You
12. Staring At The Sun
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Bullet The Blue Sky
15. Please
16. Where The Streets Have No Name
17. Lemon (perfecto Mix)
18. Discothèque
19. If You Wear That Velvet Dress
20. With Or Without You
21. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
22. Mysterious Ways
23. One
24. 40


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U2 - 1998-01-31 - Sao Paolo DVD
1998-01-31 - Sao Paulo - Popmart Sao Paulo 1998 - SIlver DVD
1998-01-31 - Sao Paulo - Popmart Sao Paulo 1998 - SIlver DVD
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