1. ...you funny guy
  2. Happy 37th birthday, Boy!
  3. 37 years, amazing. One of the all-time classic debut albums!
  4. An album that I actually enjoy more than TJT or AB.

    (Not saying that it's better, is just that I enjoy it more; no matter the mood I am, Boy always fits).
  5. Boy has aged like fine wine. Still amazes me that 18-19 year old boys did this.
  6. To be fair, part of that is thanks to Lylliwhite.

    Specially Another Time Another Place... that song was a mess in the early shows and that's where the production work seems more noticeable.

    (Then sure, on the other hand it's Shadows, but I don't want to debate who killed that song )
  7. Twilight and Another Time, Another Place - perfect 'counterpart' songs on the debut album, and my two favourites from it.

    Has anyone else considered these two songs to be a pair? I've always sort of interpreted Twilight as the sort of introduction to adulthood/the first taste of experience and Another Time, Another Place as rushing into adulthood/sex/experience, and trying to keep a grasp on innocence.