1. Asked this in the DC show thread as well, but do we know of anybody planning on recording tonight's show? I have my gear with me at work, just not sure I want to deal with the security and my seat isn't in the best location for it
  2. If you make it in ok, I am sure you will pull a decent recording wherever you are located.
  3. Audio recording for JT Landover now available. Many thanks to taper opsopcopolis. You're the man!
  4. Two updates today from the AchtungBootlegs "migration project"

    1. An excellent audience recording from 1987-05-16 East Rutherford NJ.
    - Of course there are the various soundboard bootlegs that are all sourced from the "official" Wolfgang's Vault series (that we can not share here for obvious reasons), but this "Sony ECM 909 - WM D6 [speed fix]" audience recording is a very nice alternative for this classic 1987 Joshua Tree tour show.

    2. A great iem recording from the 2001-11-18 Las Vegas Elevation show. This is the "original" iem recording that was shared years ago on the well known torrent sites and on u2start as well. Unfortunately at some point the link(s) went dead at our site, but now it's back

  5. I noticed there is also a matrix out there of that Vegas (2001-11-18) show is there any way that can be made available on here too?
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