1987-04-25 - Daly City, California - Cow Palace


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songs per album

  1. The Joshua Tree (9)
  2. The Unforgettable Fire (4)
  3. War (3)
  4. Boy (2)
  5. October (1)
  6. Other songs (1)

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1 from Connecticut: numda01

review by cesar_garza01

1 year ago


In the peak of their popularity (the band had just reached #1 and appeared in Times magazine), the band gave two amazing shows at "The Cow". This one was perhaps the best of the two. A very special setlist and almost no covers, the energy was incredible.


JEMS did a great job with the remaster. No fluctuations or hiss. 4-4.5 stars.
Recording: Audience microphone - 4 stars


Very loud San Francisco crowd. During October, they were clapping so hard, the band stopped for a moment.


The Daly City shows are among the best JT shows. The setlist was pretty unique here. The only cover was Springhill Mining Disaster (1st time in the tour, 2nd ever) and I wished they played this more often. It sounded great. Some people from Amnesty International were at the concert, I think, since a girl said a political speech during Pride and the band played Mothers Of The Disappeared. If you like the song, you must get this; if you're not a fan, you'll feel like it drags forever (it's over 8 min long!).
Other highlights: The whole show was excellent, specially Exit, Electric Co. (great snippet), October (for the crowd) and WOWY (the Shine Like Stars snippet was slightly longer).

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Audience microphone

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  • Equipment: Wavelab (Sound Editor), Nakamichi CM-300 (Microphone), Maxelll UD-XLII (Audio recording device)
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1987-04-25 - Daly City - Cow Palace - Audio DVD - JEMS Master - *** RESEED ***
Joshua Tree Tour AUDIO
1987-04-25 - Daly City - Soundcheck - UDG
1987-04-25 - Daly City - Soundcheck - UDG
1987-04-25 - Daly City - JEMS, Sony WM D6-C, Teac M-100, 24bit 96kHz FLAC
1987-04-25 - Daly City - JEMS, Sony WM D6-C, Teac M-100, 24bit 96kHz FLAC
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